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Yep. Same here.

Except I'm female and about 10 years younger.

You are def. not alone, friend.

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me too, 52 years old,

and my life has totally changed since Q.

so glad you're all here to keep me sane🇺🇸

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Same here only im 30!

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Q woke me up and helped me find Jesus

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Same exactly for me

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Same for me except i'm 25 years younger and not white but female as well

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Glad to have you onboard

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Q woke me up and helped me discover God

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Same here, except I'm over 278 years old and a man.

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^second you.

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I was going to comment the same. OP and I could be related we have so much in common.

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This cannot be upvoted enough.

I’m approaching 40, hardly know anyone whose parents are still married, and a significant amount of families my age are either going through or already divorced. There is a very clear absence of parenting among my peers in favor of their own personal career advancement (which frankly most of them aren’t advancing - just avoiding parental responsibilities).

We need a barometric reset as a society.

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When America moved away from God, all of this shit started happening.

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agreed but sadly i believe the movement away from God came from the bullshit 60s Jesus movement in which CULTS were used to destroy true Christianity.

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we have SO many selfish adults ignoring the needs of their families.

people need to grow up, or quit having kids.

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Becoming a Dad made me realize what a selfish peter pan existence i lived for my entire twenties. The Lord brought me back and didnt give up on me even though every day in bizarro world is a challenge.

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We need God

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We need Jesus

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I check almost all of those boxes brother. We are truly deplorable.

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You and OP sound like the ideal men to be husbands & fathers. My belief is men like you are what is keeping America together.

Stay the course ~ grateful female anon married to a wonderful privileged deplorable

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0 free time, 0 sleep, just cooked dinner, running a biz from home, taught the kids how to ride bikes/shoot BB guns during the shut-in and we'll be building a computer next...

We do whatever we can because women like you keep us in line, keep the families stable/prioritized, and do just as much - if not far more than what I listed above.


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We are who GOD says we are: His children.

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No, we're all goyim and there's a war against us.

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You sound like me plus 10 years. :) Great summary of all that's right with us. Don't worry, though, I do believe the best is yet to come. And that is going to include these brainwashed libtards waking up to the truth. Then we are all going to wake up to even bigger truth! WWG1WGA! :D

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Amen Patriot!

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Bravo. This was so well said I'd like to share.

You just stated the position of many a conservative, precisely.

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As I pointed out to a Black friend the other day, I don't know a lot of Conservatives who go around hating people just for their skin color. If I don't like someone, it's because they are a phony, or they are full of excuses, or they are irresponsible, or they don't keep their word. I hire people based on merit. If you pull your weight, we're good. If you're lazy and blame everyone else for your problems, we're going to have some trouble.

To the newbies scanning this site, most of the racist stuff you see here is posted by trolls and shills. Ignore it like we do. They are the same children who gum up imgur and reddit and live in their mom's basements. Or they are liberals... just sayin'

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"If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first." -Jesus

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Same here. Just female in her 30s

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At least they can't call you a boomer.

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Why is Boomer a problem? Why is any true Q supporter on here even buying into that meme? That is such a bullshit point of view. "Ooooh, you have seen more of the world than me, so I shall insult you and your intelligence." You have no idea what people have gone through or what we have fought for.

Yes, I'm a baby boomer. I didn't ask to be born in that time any more than you asked to be the age you are. But I worked as hard as I could to wake people up long before your little sperm made that trip to your mama's egg. You are buying into the Democrat/Leftwing talking points. [They] have destroyed history and robbed your age group of perspective and the ability to think for yourself.

You want to find a REAL insult for people of a certain age who never grew up? Those are the aging Hippies. They still live in lala land and think the clouds are unicorn farts. It's one thing to think like a Liberal at age 20. It's another to be 60 and still think socialism works, Marx was a genius, or redistribution of wealth would actually work. Notice the ones who say and think that are all uber wealthy. They've made their money. And they don't want to share it with you. They want you to share your meager salary with others. Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Whoopie, and all the rest are prime examples of people who never grew up and had a lot of privilege handed to them. But oh, "boomers" are the problem. Nope. Hippies are. i know. I was there. I argued with them in the 1970's about this shit. Weather Underground (Bill Ayers), Saul Alinsky, Soros... all those fucks were agitating back then.

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But you are a child of God :)

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You are my Brother! WWG1WGA🇺🇸

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Amen bro


God wins

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