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When a nigger boxer is punching out completely innocent old white folks, we get crickets.

Fake riots over this? Laughable

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most of the cops weight was on the nogs shoulder blade. everyone acts like he blood choked him by leaning on one side of his neck. all while a camera and witness are nearby

dumber than bricks

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Soros bought and paid for "crisis". Nothing can stop what is coming. Not Mueller, not impeachment, not COVID-19 and not fake riots.

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Nothing can stop what is coming.

You could potentially pass as a normal person if you didn't repeat cult chants at random moments.

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go home to mommy shill - you are going down too. you just don't know it yet.

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The guy was a porn star and worked with the guy who "killed" him for 17 years at a club in MN....this whole thing is a fucking shame folks!

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I have a few books laying around, one on accu-preasure points and another on dim-mak. This evening I'll look through them and see if either has anything on this.

I know from krav maga training a knee placed properly on the spine or neck can be lethal, but suffocation would probably not be the cause of death.

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Probably cut off the carotid artery.

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Yes, that's my thought, too. I'm interested to see what you're able to find out. Thanks!

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I can't get the video to load, but I like the title. I'll try again later.

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Can anyone even confirm if your airway can be blocked from a knee to the back of the neck? I missed that move when I was learning jiu jitsu. Even regular chokes had to be done right or you were laughably wasting your time.

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you cant you have to pull the head back at the same time to achieve blockage.

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Pulling the head back pushes the artery back. It's more efficient to do what the cop did, the artery is in to the front. Similar to cutting a wrist.

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Pulling the head back and a knee to the neck would cause full blockage? I still don't find it believable.

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Now have a large male kneel on you chest and do the same thing.

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He wasn't kneeling on his chest though. It was his neck. Had he yelled, "You're hurting me," it would be more believable.

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Have someone choke you...

Nah, I'll take your word for it.

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