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No shit. The way that cop made eye contact with the camera multiple times and just stood there like "you got all this right?" something is up.

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Notice that cop lunges at some of the onlookers to make them back up but never does anything toward the camera guy.

It's also the emptiest ambulance I've ever seen, and the most cop in body armor looking medics I've ever seen.

Also, at least where I've lived (UK and Canada) it's the preferred practice to have a female EMT on crew because 50% of the population is female and they might want to deal with a female, also liability issues.

When I needed an ambulance for my daughter I watched the 2 guys approaching drop back when I confirmed it was my daughter to let the woman rush through.

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For a split second, you can see that the back door of thr "ambulance" actually says "police"

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•Died on 33rd street (Freemason) what’s their moto - ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

•Chauvin badge (crooked) is #1087 = 187 = murder

•Three 6’s on trash can

•Hands in their pockets the hidden hands of the cabal/deep state illuminati

•Posting a picture of Floyd him in front of a corona sign

•The guy recording the video says he knew them from the police Academy

•A stretcher that just appeared on the scene less than a min after he died

•Police officers with bullet proof vests take him away NOT EMT’s

•Police car car #033 = masonic

•Chauvin and Floyd worked together as bouncers. Are they now crisis actors?

•Is Floyd really dead? Sham trials and funerals to come? All involved retire in Ukraine?

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So what if he has a twin brother though?

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GTFO.......could this story take any more strange turns?

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Symbolism will be their downfall.

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I'm pasting this here from another post, I think it's worth it.

Anon from Chile here. We had the nastiest riots in the whole country for months (they stopped only when quarantine began). Let me tell you that the people organizing those riots were NOT chilean, but mostly cuban, venezuelan and what not (some are peruvians from Sendero Luminoso, some are colombians from FARC). Well, pay attention to this flag right here:


That's the Wallmapu flag, indigenist activists and terrorists from southern Chile, trained by FARC. Now who brought those terrorists to Chile? And who is taking them to Minn.? Pay attention because that is not a random fact. It is not some "guy" who happened to be there with the flag, we know too much to fool ourselves with that kind of thinking. Pay attention to the flags!

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Wow! My daughter was in Santiago all last fall (spring/summer for them) and saw the riots and protests up close. I had not even thought that those would also be orchestrated! Shit is fake all over the globe!

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Exactly, that's why this movement is WW. Can't leave them any chance!

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Typical Jewry

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Beware of shit like this anywhere masks are still required.

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Floyd's brother is stating that Trump called but "didn't even let (him) speak" and described the call as "dismissive". I call bullshit on that...

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Stale playbook but apparently still works on the sheeple

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