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I was speaking so someone yesterday who told me that the dad of a friend of his died of terminal cancer recently but he supposedly caught covid-19 in hospital (many people who go to hospital seems to catch it) and his death was attributed to that rather than cancer. This is in the UK too. That's the first time I've had first hand confirmation of their scam and it seems to be taking place everywhere.

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I fully believe that this is going on widescale to justify the massive government overreach.

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Agreed and it's being directed by the CDC, WHO, probably the UN too.. It wouldn't be surprising if the Vatican were involved somehow. And of course the Dimocraps..

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Yes. Today, I heard from a tenant in our building (we're in Illinois). She works at a State Farm insurance office and one of their insureds, a nurse, told her about a case this week where a man came into the hospital because he had an incident with his heart. He later died of a heart attack. The nurse was told to record his death as COVID19. This is some BS going on everywhere.

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UK too.

December 2019; My cousin went into Palliative care (End of life) with Throat and Bowel cancer.

We (his family) have been warned '72 hr life expectancy' twice; but he is a fighter and still lives (he can not talk and can not eat - fed by a drip).

We were able to visit him up to March; then he caught covid-19.

None of his visitors have 'caught it' and we were angered with the fact that it must have been a transmission from a staff member. He was then moved into isolation and visits ceased/denied.

Then, we were told that he had recovered from covid-19 and was being placed back onto the Palliative care Ward (early April) but visitors were still not permitted.

We have a very big family and we kicked up a fuss. They then moved him back into isolation where he has remained ever since.

We get updates from the staff and he can send us messages.

I can only presume; they intend to mark his passing as a covid-19 statistic... His mind remains sharp and he is a warrior.

I am expecting the unexpected with/for him.

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I am so sorry for your family in this situation. Itsdifficult anyway but then to do this to a dying person for propaganda is awful.

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How can hospitals believe they have the right to determine who a patient may see? Fucking kikes.

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He was Skrippled!

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I know someone who’s stepdad “died” of covid. On further questioning he mentioned the guy had numerous health conditions and had been in and out of hospital for years.

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My friends 90 yr old mother in law died of Covid19. No symptoms. Imagine that.

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I showed the data from the Q post to who I assumed was an intelligent person and all that they did was tell me 1) that's old data and 2) it's taken from the wrong site. It's from the frigging CDC! What more can you do except dust off your shoes and move on to the next one.

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You've experienced liberals in their purest form. Memory Hole. Liars. "What I believe is altruistic and pure, and nothing can change my mind. I will even kill to make it better."

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I looked at today's data at cdc.gov and while similar, they have changed the column titles. So the Q post(from 4/11) could be called "old?"

Anybody else looked at it?

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It's called data lag. I.e. data produced today might be reported today or a month from now. So the latest graph almost always looks like this

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It's pretty convenient that the FDA just gave emergency use to the $1000 a pill that these scumbags are going to get rich off of! Ugh!

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Yeah the .5cent HCQ cannot be tolerated by the profit mongers.

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Injection not pill

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$1000 a pill source please or GTFO. You wanna chat shit try tik tok

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Actually, it's more than $1200 a dose.

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Post this on 8kun. Qresearch

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never been there, I hear it's nice, lol

good idea, also will find out how to submit to Veritas

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Active now.

Only paste in the message box, never fill the name or. Email. Boxes. If you can't get it then reply here and I will try to help.

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YES! Do that!

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can someone eli5 for me? I thought i was a fairly smart person but i looked at that pic that had the two spreadsheets side by side and didn't make out what the issue is

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I don't doubt this is true - at all. And there should be an investigation. In the meantime, I would love to be able to share the information but the data offered is not easily understood. Therefore, average person will not take the time to study and learn the criteria shown that reveals the crime. Anyone able to translate to lay speech but with sauce?

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Ill do a modified post with just the before and after data side by side, and links to the spreadsheets that the data came from (juice)

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I'd love to see an image, won't download spreadsheet due to security concerns

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Thanks for the great post and the comments. Worked in public health for years and always had a problem, even in college, of developing massive public health policies based upon data like this. It is not based on any real science. Someone just plugs in numbers that flow from many different unreliable data points downstream. Most have very little, if any, objective scientific data used to develop policies that have such wide reaching impacts on our population. Hmmm...fluoride comes to mind. That's a whole other topic of BS.

I know some of these studies can be valuable when trying to determine disease trends and correlations. But, the system itself is a typical bureaucratic beast that has become self serving rather than operating by the mandate of serving the public good. We cannot be making decisions that affect the lives of so many by the opinions of those that may not have the public's best interests in mind.

Many of the studies used in public health are designed to give a certain result. These are much easier to fudge than real scientific studies that use more standardized metrics in reporting. The typical public health study uses data that is subjective as it is left to the professional opinion of the reporter, or by self reporting. The latest BS VA study released to discredit HCQ was an example of a retrospective cohort study which have problems of bias. The decisions made over the participants used in the study may slant the results in a particular direction even if the data used on the participants is quantifiable. The old saying applies - garbage in, garbage out.

We are witnessing first hand the fallacy of public health modeling play out with this current "health crisis." It is a crisis, but not the way they have told us. I was involved with public health studies so I know how some of them are done. It all depends on the reporter. There is lots of room to fudge the results because there is no oversight. Results by different reporters are difficult to calibrate if not impossible. Sorry, I do not consider opinion and guessing hard science - they can guess wrong.

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I took a statistics course years ago when I was in college. One of our textbooks was "How To Lie With Statistics".

That said, this virus is very real. We live in a major hot spot. My husband is a hospital physician, a friend's husband is an ER doc, and my niece is an ICU nurse. People are dying from this, and pretty horrible deaths, once they go on a ventilator. Aside from patients that they've treated and watched die, we personally know three people who've died from COVID, two who were relatively young.

If you're not in a hot spot, these current restrictions are overkill, and you're very fortunate. However, for those of us in the few areas where COVID is still raging, we're going to have to wait a little while longer.

I strongly believe that this was an engineered virus, as does my husband!

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Try this visualization: https://files.catbox.moe/4ox90n.jpg

(source CSV, source page)

It's really more like this: https://files.catbox.moe/lslgvl.jpg - neither flu, pneumonia, nor COVID-19 can lay exclusive claim to the number assigned to them in this dataset. But we don't know all of the numbers for the other little circles' overlaps, nor even what all the little circles are. The data can be found by going through every single death certificate, but the CDC hasn't done that (yet?). And since they don't publish bulk death certificate data, you and I will have to wait until someone who has access to that data does something with it. In theory, each cause is fuzzy in the same way to the same degree, so they can still be meaningfully compared to each other.

There was not actually a major drop in COVID-19 deaths as reported by the CDC, nor was there a "recategorization" of COVID-19 deaths as flu deaths. What the CDC did do was add new columns to the data that they were already publishing, that showed deaths with death certificates that included COVID-19 and other conditions. The other conditions they chose to highlight were influenza and pneumonia.

Without taking the time to read through the CDC's description of the dataset (found on the "source page" linked above), it could be easy to mistake the numbers for meaning "most of the reported COVID-19 deaths were deaths where someone also had the flu." However, that is not actually the case.

Something else that happened, was that the CDC continued to receive death certificate reports from around the country, describing deaths that happened in weeks for which they had already published a total count. As they have done for causes of death since at least 2013, they published an updated total each week that took these new reports into account. Each page on the CDC that offers data for download includes a footnote that states this, or links to a page describing the methodology in the dataset which mentions this.

The "bunch of new deaths added" referred to in the OP were death certificate reports slowly arriving at the CDC and getting counted.

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Something else that happened, was that the CDC continued to receive death certificate reports from around the country, describing deaths that happened in weeks for which they had already published a total count. As they have done for causes of death since at least 2013, they published an updated total each week that took these new reports into account.

The last column heading of data says “Percent complete”. I assume this means the percentage of reports received. All but the last row (most recent) are 100%.

Though OP did not show full page for earlier download, it appears the columns are the same.

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They discovered that some people had died at home of covid, or some other such circumstance that justified adjusting the numbers, so they adjusted them. Happy to help.

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31000 new deaths? And just because you died at home matters not a hill of beans.....they still need a death certificate and cause of death.

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As explained elsewhere, this is normal.

Death counts will continue to rise for all causes of death for all weeks for up to 15 weeks after the week actually ends.

This is because it takes time for reports to make their way to the CDC and get processed into the CDC's numbers.

If you repeat this exercise for any cause of death - Download the reported count for any given week, then download that same data for that same week a month later - you will see an increase. It has been this wayat least since 2014.

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Sure an increase of 5 or 20 because Connecticut is fucking lame and can't type their shit into a computer (all deaths go into the computer as soon as a cause of death is put on a form by a doctor)......

"Make their way" lol as if they are being hand carried or mailed.....

This is 31,000 added in!!!!!!!!

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Sciencefag here. Happened to me with NIH cancer data.

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What kind of effect? Hiding cancers for recently exposed causes? Fukushima anyone?

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I published a paper linking various cancers and pesticides. Data for one of the cancers was subsequently replaced. I had the downloads but they wouldn’t cop to it. I had to publish a retraction.

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Nice work patriot.

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