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There are lots of places hiring for essential workers. In my area - grocery stores and Walmart and Amazon are hiring on the spot. Also, have you filed for unemployment? They have waived the waiting period.

If the Democrats hadn't tried to sneak in all their special interests - your check would be there much sooner! $1200 each adult and $500 per child. I just heard on the news conference that they are funding this for 3 months and hope they don't need it that long, but if they do - they'll look at it again.

Hope you feel better now, Anon.


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In Canada everyone is getting 2000$ a month and they made it 3 months right from the start. Starting to look pretty good up there.


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I don't think this is true. You really need to look into exactly who would get the money and under what circumstances.

There is no mortgage deferrals either. Many out of work

500,000 applications for employment insurance, phones are so busy they don't even give a regular busy signal. confusing website for application for the newly laid off, a few i know have made mistakes on the applications and GOOD LUCK fixing it

I just want to quash the average Americans idea that up here it is a socialist paradise and everyone is laying at home watching netflix worry free.

You are being misled, and there is as much hardship up here as there is down there


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Great, only choice for work is the illumanti 500.