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Night shift stocking grocery stores and their warehouses.

Hiring by the dozens.

Stores are very clear these positions are temporary, the task is stocking and moving product, and the hours are night shift.

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I know that lots of companies are hiring people to man the phones. It's scripted BS. But let me guess the site is down lol. feel for you man. I run a small hotel, nothing for easter now. totally fucked.

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Feel for you man

Thanks, but I posted in response to OP, hopefully giving him advice to act on.

My situation is fine. Solid and secure due to quality decisions made as often by luck as by intellect. Oh, and that hard work and discipline thing. I’m not at all happy to be experiencing the ‘Rainy Day’ that heretofore was only a theoretical motivator.

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When will our slavery end though.

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Nah, if OP values health avoid night shift like the plague. Chronically turning your circadian rhythms upside is a huge risk factor for all sorts of disease including cancer. It's cheaper to be temporarily unemployed than dealing with those medical bills down the road.

Trust me on this.

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Share that sage advice with OP. You remember him, right? The guy that’s trying to feed his kids.

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I feel ya man, will pray for ya

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As will I ~

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Same here - keep the faith GOD does win in the end - does not mean the journey is easy for all or any of us.

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There are lots of places hiring for essential workers. In my area - grocery stores and Walmart and Amazon are hiring on the spot. Also, have you filed for unemployment? They have waived the waiting period.

If the Democrats hadn't tried to sneak in all their special interests - your check would be there much sooner! $1200 each adult and $500 per child. I just heard on the news conference that they are funding this for 3 months and hope they don't need it that long, but if they do - they'll look at it again.

Hope you feel better now, Anon.

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In Canada everyone is getting 2000$ a month and they made it 3 months right from the start. Starting to look pretty good up there.

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I don't think this is true. You really need to look into exactly who would get the money and under what circumstances.

There is no mortgage deferrals either. Many out of work

500,000 applications for employment insurance, phones are so busy they don't even give a regular busy signal. confusing website for application for the newly laid off, a few i know have made mistakes on the applications and GOOD LUCK fixing it

I just want to quash the average Americans idea that up here it is a socialist paradise and everyone is laying at home watching netflix worry free.

You are being misled, and there is as much hardship up here as there is down there

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Great, only choice for work is the illumanti 500.

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Improvise, adapt, and overcome. Think. Even during the most trying of times opportunity is waiting. Good luck.

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Since the white hats have "had it all" for so long now, this all would have been over long ago had they just released it all prior to losing the House. But I digress ........

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WRONG, shill!

Trust the Plan.

Trust the plan that essentially has patriots cheering for martial law and the complete evisceration of all our fundamental rights.

Because just like in a comic book, a special hero will swoop in at the last possible moment, make everything right and create peace on earth.

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Sometimes Sodom and Gamora just need to be destroyed.

Say goodbye to many useless, unproductive industries

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The government is about to have the FED lend it 2.5 trillion is fake money to fix itself because of muh virus. Proves how strong and solid our system is. Winning!

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we're all caught in mid air with no landing in sight. many of us are ready to storm the bastille to remind nancy-Antoinette-pelosi the people have the power of the purse. one way or another, emergency relief should reach you ($4400 for 2 adults and 4 kids); amazon is looking to hire 100,000 to meet the surge on demand. those are delivery side mostly.

pro tip: just got 2 emails from recruiters i haven't been in contact with for 11 years. the openings are in financial sector which suggests to me that any company lining up at the government bailout trough will be hiring. finance firms are always first at the spigot so they are a bellwether.

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Prayers to you Anon. Secondly, you are blessed beyond all things. 4 children and a wife as well I am guessing. All red pilled. You are miles ahead of most folks out there in that department. I pray God finds you a better job when this is over. Jobs come and go, your family is with you forever. God Bless.

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All signs point towards this being over mid April, and the money from the relief package is almost finalized...

There are places that are hiring, just probly not the job you want rt now

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