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I'll translate:


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ahahahahahahahahahahhha love this

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What's the reference... I don't get it

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I lived in Seoul for a month last year. They don't like black people. Older Korean men don't even like white people.

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NJ Anon here - please antifa, I beg you, please come riot in NJ. Have your choice, get snuffed by the angry south jersey natives that are just waiting for a reason, or get snuffed out by the angry north natives that don’t need a reason and don’t care who you are. Please come. We’re all bored, and you’d bring us all together in unity.

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Close to you in the NE. they won’t expect it from us there’s a pocket of red in the blue that will destroy any bs. They can’t come here, we have more guns even with our gun bans

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They ARE here. Not as many as the West Coast but they are the former Occupy losers. How do I know? One jumped out of a crowd in front of us, and attacked a random guy. My friend and I had him arrested. He's been arrested a couple times now, him and his friends. Watch for fires. They are planning on burning supply lines and trucks. There was already a fire in New Bedford of this nature. It's happening in Europe too.

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Agreed from West Orange

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I don't expect much violence from the antifa pussies. They gotta know they will get smoked quick if they start any shit. If not, that would put them on par with the dude who overdosed on fish tank cleaner.

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It would be good for Antifa to come out if their little holes so they can all be rounded up.

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They only start shit in places they think they are safe

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Portland, Seattle, SF. Literal Shitholes.

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They seem to be of the opinion that you can just go buy a gun and be good to go. Push comes to a shove and you could likely stand perfectly still and survive an armed antifa incident.

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You can buy a gun in less than 15 minutes in my State. I did. Of course, my background is squeaky clean.

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Fires. Watch the supply trucks. Help guard them if you can, especially smaller distributors.

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See Q34 about Public riots being organized. By all means let Trumps people know, but I have a feeling they are on it.

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Good lord man.. I live out in the woods in S. Oregon and I'm afraid that someone may come fuck with me... YOU LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO! Whew. Good fucking luck. I hope you are armed up for world war 3.

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well, that was short and pointless

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So about Pelosi's push to fund the arts via the covid bill...

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The JFK Center...

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Always change Fuck Trumps to I Fucking Love Trump

Or at worst ELEUCK Trump

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Susan Rice was a slumlord in Chicago pre-whitehouse. made 300K off rat infested, dilapidated properties without adequate heat and water. wonder who is taking ANTIFA rent money. (besides mommy and daddy).

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