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If this is true, it means that the virus is a real threat to America and that Trump is currently reacting to it; he's on the defensive.

If coronavirus is not a cover for whitehats that they planned, then arrests won't happen at this time.

If Q is saying that coronavirus was released by the deepstate, then I would assume it could be proven. If it can be proven, then why don't they just do that and end this shit?

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Maybe the whitehats knew it would be released, but couldn’t stop it. Instead they are using it as cover to conduct important military operations and to expose China, the MSM, and the Dems.

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I think this has to be close to the truth. - They knew. Q proofs exist to support this. - They knew, and they did what they had to do. Military action imminent because, - you can't just let them get away with it. The old maxims. - Best defense is a good offense. and vice versa. - All they had to do was come up with a strong position. - And you attack even as you defend. - That's chess. Take the space left behind; or - how has the enemy weakened themselves with this attack? Can you imagine the intelligence that POTUS probably has right now? - Q warned them "We can hear you breathe." - They know every move those crooked fuckers are going to make. When this is over, there is NO WAY OUT for them. - It will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these people have conspired and plotted to destroy our country. They will all pay. Enjoy the show guys.

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This is war, there will be innocent casualties.

If the deepstate released covid-19, what tf else are they willing to release.

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Maybe they did stop it one or two times previously... on US soil? Remember the helicopters and biohazard suits? I wonder if this same stunt was tried earlier, with ground zero being in the US, but that plot was foiled by white hats?

Now, left without those options, the DS/CCP decided to release it inside China where they could guarantee it would reach critical mass that would then get exported around the world through travel?

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Wishful thinking. Complete speculation.

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The virus is real. - But the threat from it as it is has been, and is being assessed is not as dangerous as once thought. He's being a good leader by assuaging fears and staying calm. Q posted that Corona was "offline" - This can interpreted in many ways, however, - the take away is that the threat was presumed neutralized. - To err on the side of caution is no err at all. - Trump and his team are proving themselves to be Mavericks. Plain and simple. Every move they make exposes them and enlightens us. We are protected by our military. - People have got to remember Trump is not alone. He has a royal host of the finest soldiers, doctors, scientists, and thinkers at his side. They are fighting an enemy that relies primarily on subterfuge and obstruction. His moves are bound to confound sooner or later. I'm with him and the patriots until the end without shame or fear.

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It was a known propaganda event...and POTUS/Q use it to accomplish more of their mission. Yes it’s real, but is it the exact same virus the Globalists though it was late last year? That’s a question burning in my mind.

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This part disappointed me a bit also. I was hoping this was all smoke & mirrors to disguise the fact that arrests were imminent. The fact that we are on the defensive and reacting to this whole thing makes me think we are not as close to the end as I thought we were.

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Are you ready to entertain the idea that Q is a psyop yet? The rest of voat has been saying it since all of this started.

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WOW. If actually attempting a genocide (of billions) isn't enough to start arrests, i don't know what is.

Maybe the time is ripe for average patriots to "clean the house" once and for all.

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Think about the situation here. Q is basically saying that they know where they all are, they have full intel, etc.

And yet, instead of intervening to stop a virus that has, to date, claimed several thousand lives (and will doubtless claim several tens of thousands before its extinguished), they did nothing.

How hard is it, with the might of the US military, to shoot a few fuckers in the face? I mean we'd all like public show trials and the like, but compared to the social, economic, and human lives cost of the corona virus, I could have settled for simple quiet executions.

The public would rebel? So fucking what. Release the videos of what they've done, let street brawls clear out the brainwashed and beat them into submission.

They didn't know / couldn't stop them? Then they didn't have it all

Potus knows the cure and its x anti malari drug + the other one? Then fucking release it months ago, and have the public drug trials to prove efficacy.

House cleaned in places like italy, uk, etc? Then why not share the data with them and let them demonstrate the efficacy.

Literally all Q / Potus has demonstrated is that their "plan" is worth more than the entire worldwide cost of the coronavirus. Now its easy to say the end justifies the means, and sure I don't disagree. But when there's another possible route out, and all it costs is some quiet executions and some bloody public riots? Boo hoo I'll cope.

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True. I'm not sure anymore how much longer we should sit on out fat asses watching the open genocidal WAR on our species while posting funny memes on the internet.

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I'm with you. It's time.

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Literally all Q / Potus has demonstrated is that their "plan" is worth more than the entire worldwide cost of the coronavirus. Now its easy to say the end justifies the means, and sure I don't disagree. But when there's another possible route out, and all it costs is some quiet executions and some bloody public riots? Boo hoo I'll cope.

Problem is, if end justifies the means, why no arrests yet ? why seems patriots always must "do it right / do it legally" when its convenient for the DS only ?

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Gee....is that "all it'd take"? Man, you've really helped to unpack this whole thing for the rest of us dumb-dumbs.

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Maybe the time is ripe for average patriots to "clean the house" once and for all.

Maybe that's what Q and Trump have been waiting for us to do all along. It's been almost 4 years and the people, although now awake, are still fairly complacent.

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This thought crossed my mind before but why would they go through the trouble of all those sealed indictments

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I've wondered that many times. They run a risk of patriots either losing patience in "the plan" or reading the tea leaves to say that it's "go time" and they've been unleashed. The bloodshed and chaos that could ensue might undo the plan, so this really is a balancing act.

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Genocide of billions? With a flu? Lol

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Well, since we know from the q drop that it was indeed released by the black hats, yeah - it might be that deadly.

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Or maybe there's no patriots in power at all. I prefer simpler explaination.

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What's so obvious now is how NP delayed the articles until the CV crisis started for the purpose of delaying any house action on the virus for 3 critical weeks. This ensured it took it's roots to become a real problem.

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Whatever it is, it's a tangled web, and the evil are scrambling to fuck it up as much as possible for good people, in favor of EVIL people.

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This is a coup. China is backing the DNC and wants to use them to overthrow America's Republic so they can extract favorable Pro-China provisions in all future trade deals. Deals like unrestricted purchase of US businesses, land, and infrastructure by Chinese money, give Chinese courts authority to sue US media companies, demand IP sharing. They will use this to conquer America with soft power (information war) and by literally buying America one bit at a time. When China controls US internet, water, and power, they will gain the ability to literally "turn off" America to facilitate military invasion.

Current Dem politicians are promised lots of money, or favorable places in the new Chinese-dominated world.

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I wouldn't be to worried about china, they couldn't take taiwan a shitty little island right in front of them, same with japan, in fact the japanese gave china a good stomping.

and on top of all that, they can't do anything right, how much cheap shit have you bought of them that falls apart within a week

So good luck with that military hardware.

Then add in the fact they would have to arm people they treat like dirt, it would not end well for them.

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The troublex is traitors. Be prepared to kill wholesale baby. LOTS of killing on the way.

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Biological warfare released by China in concert with the cabal to inflict damage on the world economy and POTUS in particular in multiple areas. And that wrinkled old whore Pelosi has the gaul to push voter fraud changes into bills which would throw US citizens some crumbs in a time of need.

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Worth 43 minutes of your time.


Important to understand going forward.



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This is that great video of Pence "going off" on China and spitting truth for 43 minutes straight....must watch

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Arrests fucking when??

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No arrests. I want heads on fucking spikes.

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Alpha gets a spike next week, it looks like.

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Don’t forget, it’s also to kill thousands and thousands if us off so we won’t be here to vote for them. Because dead men only vote Democrat.

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Lol...dead ppl are the Dems multiplier

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Whole lock down proves who is in control.Guess who it is? Not we the sheople.

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