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Nice report Anon!

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"Nice"? I got no similar support when I broke this news on voat far before Trumps tweet.

Before Trump's tweets, I got 80 FBI downvotes even though I sourced three fresh March 2020 science papers proving 100% efficacy!

FBI Shills on voat DOWNVOTED 80 TIMES , look!:



Biggest shoah of a 100% factual well sourced science expose in voat history.

On thursday or friday you could have bought those. Too late now! I tried to warn you all.

You cannot buy It from any US pharmacy, many federal agents seized it all right as I warned people three days ago, and the FBI accounts on voat downvoted my warning to you guys 80 times!

It is too late for you to get it from any american pharmacist now.

Even democrat New York REFUSES to release a single of these seized pills to New York hospitals until Tuesday! (I am not shitting you!). Why? To crash the economy and get more free Gibs, and stop Trump.

I warned you all how the drugs were being aggressively physically seized for politicians and for Military leader elites.

NO ONE with access to this drug can die, because every paper shows amazing cure :

2020 March , three more of 70 papers :




2005 ! (in vitro and animals) :


Also after I posted my post (https://voat.co/v/science/3715659) here on voat.co :

Styxhexenhammer666 mentioned it ! :



then Stefan Molyneux mentioned it ! (in middle of this long video) :


then Ann Coulter column mentioned it ! [website DDOSed by deep state this hour] :


and finally then Trump Tweeted : "biggest game changers in the history of medicine":

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains - Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents).....be put in use IMMEDIATELY. PEOPLE ARE DYING, MOVE FAST, and GOD BLESS EVERYONE! @US_FDA @SteveFDA @CDCgov @DHSgov

Trump tweeted that MARCH 21 2020 saturday afternoon, AFTER the FBI and Feds seized all supply the day prior and AFTER I got FBI 80 downvotes, warning about the Feds taking the entire remaining USA supply back.

There is far more to the story, if you read my followup in that thread, I reveal a proven ideal perfect alternate cure exactly equal to Hydroxychloroquine, and FDA Generally Recognized as Safe, and proven perfect in science papers for over a decade for corona virus. I cite the paper with proof.

Read my posts and you can live without FBI taking away your pharmacies supplies.

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Gin and Tonic.

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I have saved your post and I believe you.

We were hammered with 'try this', 'this is the cure', 'buy this supplement'

At the time, I 'couldn't see the wood for the trees'.

Future proves past comes to mind.

Thanks for your hard work.

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You know you're over the target when...

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Wow!! Great information!!

So the FBI is still under the Cabal's control?

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Hint: we already had a military anti-bio-terror response for this virus. This exercise was just to force us to show our hand and our response capabilities.

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Dang I wish my dentist was a Q follower. How cool would that be. Having said that I do despise when dentist try to talk to me while my mouth is open and I can’t say anything back. Never understood why they do that.

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I wish mine was, too! I've tried to talk to him a couple of times about fluoride but, to no avail. He's a young guy and so entrenched in med/dental school philosophy which really is brainwashing. I told him gently that someday he might find out that not only is fluoride not helpful but dangerous.

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Had same conversation with mine and also I don’t let them do X-ray on me. He got upset about that... their exact comment was “the X-ray only gives the same amount of radiation as a slight sunburn”. I said “yeah but we don’t normally get sunburn on your brain”. They just stared at me for a sec and said... “well I guess you’re right about that”.

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I'm a dentist and I think that the answer can be both. Topical fluoride works for teeth, I've absolutely seen teeth with decay in the outer layer become re-mineralized due to fluoride. Studies show efficacy, making teeth structurally resistant to pHs a full pH lower (more acidic)

Meanwhile, I think Fluoride has no place being in water though. Systemic fluoride clearly has negative effects and imo does no good for teeth.

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You must remember that all things toxic are dose related. Small doses do not affect health like large doses do. I would love if they took fluoride out of the water and toothpaste....I would be treating far more decay....but honestly we want to prevent decay and fluoride does that.

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My fav thing to do ;) but try to stay quiet around snowflakes. We do it to distract you from the tx and make the time pass. I have followed Q religiously since January 2018. Sceptical at first, but no more.

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We do it on purpose to make you sound stupid.

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Works quite well lol

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When Trump tweeted this info, the Cabal stooges immediately replied with accusations that the cure causes deafness and blindness.

The Deep State Cabal has become so obvious. Who do they think they are fooling? And the fact that it was the Cabal that instigated this COVID-19 plague attempt?

The hypocrisy of these Cabal sycophants!!! They're only interested in stopping the Trump Train at any expense! Even our deaths!

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Yes, I saw one site stating that 2 2nd most common side effect is "it makes you want to kill yourself"

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Doesn't that stop smoking drug...Chantix I think it's called, say something similar about it's side effects? Most drugs on the market today sound SO MUCH WORSE than the ailment its supposed to treat!

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But when you're on your death bed? I think we'd all risk that possibility. Especially, when NOT taking the drug is guaranteed to result in death.


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Nice writeup dentistfag.

I'd add a couple points: 1) Azithromycin also helps treat bacterial pneumonia, which often can affect people with Covid19; 2) Chloroquine has been shown to prevent corona virus in similar studies.

My question for you is: do you think chloroquine is safe enough to provide over the counter once pharmacies and hospitals stockpile it?

Edit: also since so many people are commenting, there have been at least three studies, not just one. I'll find the source if anyone asks.

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No I do not. It can cause arrhythmias if taken in too high a dose. hydroxychloroquine is safer but not anywhere ready for OTC. Not even FDA approved for COVID19 tx. One step at a time please! Here is the study if interested.


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The study sited actually used hydroxychloroquine not chloroquine. It is safer than chloroquine. Both have been used safely for years ...in fact I took it for malaria prophylaxis when I was in Africa in the 1980's. However, as noted, both Azithromycin and chloroquine can cause arrhythmias, so the heart must be monitored when taken together. Here is the full article if you are interested.


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I've been on it for over 2 years. Rheumatologist prescribes it. I have to get a 'Plaquenil' eye exam every year. Longterm use and higher dosage can cause retina damage. Eye doctor told me that they don't see damage for the dose I'm on. For a temporary use, like the virus would be safe. I haven't experienced any side effects.

The active ingredient is 'Wormwood.' Also found in the green liqueur, Absinthe.

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It’s also similar in structure to THC. The more you know!

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Interdasting are you on chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine?

Time to stalk up on absinthe kek

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No and the answer is in the post. Both drugs taken together carry a risk of cardiac arrhythmias, hence the need for heart monitoring when given together.

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That's not what I suggested. I asked if chloroquine taken by itself could be made available over the counter? After all, they prescribe it to you without a heart monitor when you go to an art risk country kek.

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most people aren't afraid of getting the china virus, they're afraid of hysteria and lockdowns ruining their livelihoods.

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The FDA will fight it by tooth & nail because it will not please big pharma who are hoping to develop an expensive cure and/or vaccine that will make them a ma$$ive profit. Trump must stand firm. After we get through this the FDA is one of the agencies that should be radically down sized in order to pay for the relief.

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The best part is that they are off the shelf products and being older probably patent free. So any pharma company can produce it cheap.

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HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE was available over the counter at one time. Now prescription only.

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Its sad that society has to suffer because a few dimwits cannot follow directions, ie dosage instructions. Likewise, plastic bags have to be printed with the words "Do not put over your head, suffocation may occur". Know what I mean? Its a mirror world where stupid rules as opposed to being the exception and allowing survival of the fittest to work as advertised.

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[[[They]]] also made absinthe illegal for a century. Perhaps white hats made it legal again? What a movie!

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best part is that they are off the shelf products

best part is its not a Vaccine for the otherwise healthy.

A need - must basis has to be best.

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True, plenty of supply, already produced extensively as a generic drug

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