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I've thought about the homeless and the illegals as well. Who knows the city better than they do? They walk it, we drive by it. They know the gates and gate codes. They know places to sleep and pee. Who has stuff in their back yard or on their patios and when they are away at work. Illegals who clean houses know the insides of houses all over town. Who has food, who has guns and ammo. Who is a prepper. (As soon as I started prepping and got into weapons, I decided a dirty house and overgrown yard was preferable to being a target.) Anyone who has ever used the services of some of these people may want to take extra precautions with gate codes, garage codes, etc. It's not that there aren't nice people in that group, or even that the man or lady who helped you was a bad person. It's that they are related to a lot of people. Put a gun to their kid's head and your home is open season. Ignore the illegals and the homeless at your peril.