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Hi OP,

Behind Enemy Lines Anon here, not too far down the block from you, we’ve been asked to fire up the construction projects again after the panic yesterday afternoon. They figured a loop hole in the medical/bio research labs as “essential” . Now however, all my union subs are refusing to come back until the blockade is cleared, the workers know it’s bullshit, but hey, they’re currently being paid for staying home. It’s funny, the govt is going to start hearing from all the high powered wealthy building owners that have just realized this is a monkey see, monkey do waste of their profits on a large scale. The current building owners I’m working for are trying to get us started again because of the money they are losing in rent. In one campus alone it’s close to $2 million a fucking day in lost rent, I’m talking 2square blocks.......That’s going to open some eyes to the bulsshit of the Democrats.


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Hi BehindEnemyLines - you make a great point. I wonder if this is exactly what Trump is doing. He wants to push these cucks all out into the open. They're showing their true colors. Also, now that people are quarantined at home, they can actually listen to an entire POTUS speech. Then later when the fools at MSNBCNN report on it, surely some of them will say, "Uh. That's not what he said!" Because at the end of the day, politics or not, people need to take care of those they love. So they're going to want to know the game plan. Who better to hear it from than the guy in charge?

Had this conversation today with my doctor. She quoted me something he supposedly said. She was pretty pissed at him. I asked if it made sense. She said no. So I recommended maybe go listen to the speech without the mainstream media filter on it. I promised her it would be slightly different.

This is a yuuuuuuuuuuuuge opportunity.

Another one bites the dust.

(I'm gonna put this on my cell phone to play whenever someone wakes up: Queen - )