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Can I still shit in the street?

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And is legalized theft still up and running?

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But if you shit while stealing... they throw the book at you and lock you up for 5 years minimum. Nah, you can do whatever you want. They don't care.

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I know it's nasty as fuck, but kids that grow up on farms and in 2nd or 3rd world nations have better resistance to colds and flu later in life.

I mean, I'd probably take anti-biotics to fight off illness & disease, but good on SF for thinking outside the (litter) box and using natural, locally grown methods to combat big pharma. I guess.

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Pelosi got rich while California suffers.

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Heck, "it's okay to give HIV". Shitting in the street is nothing.

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Yes, that's fine.

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L.A. anon here, yesterday morning on CBS radio they said Newsom may seize private property, specifically force hotels to house the homeless in order to quarantine them. I couldn't believe my ears.

Edit: private property, not public

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Honestly I'm on board for these.

All these mother fuckers virtue signal all day long, and fly gay pride flags....

Let them eat shit, and house the homeless population, and have their hotels fucked up. Good. But you know they won't, because none of them give a shit, they just like to dunk on Trump whenever possible.

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Start with the mega mansions of celebrities and high tech.

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Except people in hotels are from out of town.

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Do they think the CV is the only disease rampant in the homeless? It wasn't important before...

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Good point.

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They said Newsom may seize private property, specifically force hotels to house the homeless in order to quarantine them. I couldn't believe my ears.

Also talking about forcing regular citizens to let homeless camp on their land, in their yards, etc.

Fucking commies.

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Just light their shit on fire in the middle of the night and say that they did it to themselves. What a shame.

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They're already doing that in LA.

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Yep they mentioned RVs on the radio too

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Is that even legal? It's morally wrong, that's for sure.

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Obviously unconstitutional

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This is what a Commie dictator would do.

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Right - watch these fucks try and take a Marriott or Hyatt away. Those hotels will close down and leave the state. They'll empty out everything they can use at their other properties, write it all off, pay zero taxes to California because of the losses and tell California hasta la vista baby. Good bye whatever tourism is left in those godforsaken communist shitholes. I have no desire to ever to there again.

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No question the corrupt Left is trying to make this quarantine as painful as possible, both economically and socially, in order to get the populace pissed off. Then the DS is planning to blame Trump for everything.

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Then the DS is planning to blame Trump for everything.

Except it's only the areas long run by Dems that continue to be shit shows.

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Ya, facts don't matter, "rabble rabble rabble orange man bad rabble rabble rabble" is all we hear.

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yeah - but people are waking up to the truth. slowly and painfully. I just keep showing them the meme with Hussein and H1N1


Oh - and if anyone's on twatter, can you copy Juan Williams from Greg Gutfelds "The Five" show with that image? What a tool...

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EXACTLY! Spot on!

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London Breed

Who the fuck names their kids "London"?

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The cartographer family dynasties that control the map industry?

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Sounds like some kind of code.

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A liberal hippie.

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What kind of a phony jew name is "Breed". lol

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I thought it was a take off on London Bridge!

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True. I'm in San Francisco too. One good thing: there are no straws anywhere

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That just means more of your 20s have coke on them

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is it possible to extract the cocaine off of my money?

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Somebody on a local forum suggested a group of like-minded individuals get together to form a contingency plan should the police be unable to keep up with any ensuing chaos and the pussy members of the forum wanted the moderators to delete the post because "he's promoting vigilante justice!". I think that I was the only lead that voted to leave it. If I have to call 911 because somebody's attempting to illegally enter my house, if the police aren't quick enough then I'm afraid that they would be introduced to Mr's Smith & Wesson. The worst part about that is despite the castle doctrine, I'd still be arrested until the police can sort everything out.

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This is not a good time to be arrested.

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just make sure they are 100% inside before you shoot, not halfway thru the window...

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That's when you leave for a while, and come back when you get a call from your neighbor saying there was a disturbance at your house and you should check it out.

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Hi OP,

Behind Enemy Lines Anon here, not too far down the block from you, we’ve been asked to fire up the construction projects again after the panic yesterday afternoon. They figured a loop hole in the medical/bio research labs as “essential” . Now however, all my union subs are refusing to come back until the blockade is cleared, the workers know it’s bullshit, but hey, they’re currently being paid for staying home. It’s funny, the govt is going to start hearing from all the high powered wealthy building owners that have just realized this is a monkey see, monkey do waste of their profits on a large scale. The current building owners I’m working for are trying to get us started again because of the money they are losing in rent. In one campus alone it’s close to $2 million a fucking day in lost rent, I’m talking 2square blocks.......That’s going to open some eyes to the bulsshit of the Democrats.

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Hi BehindEnemyLines - you make a great point. I wonder if this is exactly what Trump is doing. He wants to push these cucks all out into the open. They're showing their true colors. Also, now that people are quarantined at home, they can actually listen to an entire POTUS speech. Then later when the fools at MSNBCNN report on it, surely some of them will say, "Uh. That's not what he said!" Because at the end of the day, politics or not, people need to take care of those they love. So they're going to want to know the game plan. Who better to hear it from than the guy in charge?

Had this conversation today with my doctor. She quoted me something he supposedly said. She was pretty pissed at him. I asked if it made sense. She said no. So I recommended maybe go listen to the speech without the mainstream media filter on it. I promised her it would be slightly different.

This is a yuuuuuuuuuuuuge opportunity.

Another one bites the dust.

(I'm gonna put this on my cell phone to play whenever someone wakes up: Queen - https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE&list=RDrY0WxgSXdEE&index=1 )

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My first thought about all the “urban outdoorsmen” is that they are like a bunch of fleas who lost their dog. There are no stores to steal from except grocery and nobody to beg from. If they go to the hospital they’re afraid they will get sick. Also the cops have nothing to do now but watch these lice covered yucks. Maybe they will move on to greener pastures? It’s possible just not likely. I bet they are hungry and thirsty. It’s gonna be hard for the dope peddlers to blend in since the streets are deserted so the homeless will start going into withdrawal and the shitbums will start having seizures from a lack of booze. I’m speaking from experience since I’ve had hundreds of these beauts on board my ambulance and I always questioned them about their prison tattoos and life in Oklahoma and Arkansas before they got out of prison @40 and drank their liver raw and lost their carpet cleaning jobs. That was 23+ years ago but this new batch is cut from the same cloth except most of them owe $30-40k in back child support so they can’t go home

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I've thought about the homeless and the illegals as well. Who knows the city better than they do? They walk it, we drive by it. They know the gates and gate codes. They know places to sleep and pee. Who has stuff in their back yard or on their patios and when they are away at work. Illegals who clean houses know the insides of houses all over town. Who has food, who has guns and ammo. Who is a prepper. (As soon as I started prepping and got into weapons, I decided a dirty house and overgrown yard was preferable to being a target.) Anyone who has ever used the services of some of these people may want to take extra precautions with gate codes, garage codes, etc. It's not that there aren't nice people in that group, or even that the man or lady who helped you was a bad person. It's that they are related to a lot of people. Put a gun to their kid's head and your home is open season. Ignore the illegals and the homeless at your peril.

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Time for slime to move on.

Hello Texas

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