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Dead men can’t feel pain or horror.

Now what you do to their children while making them watch on the other hand....

....Never wish death upon your enemy ......


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The satan thrives on pain and suffering. This is something I struggle with. Who will exact Justice for what they've done to Humanity... and what should that Justice be?

If God alone was to exact Justice on these evil bastards... what would that really look like. And would we be satisfied that Justice was served?

I honestly don't know the answer to that... as i would like to think i want to live in a world of peace and love... not hate, pain and suffering. IDK


[–] 21824648? ago 

I'm with you Anon.


[–] 21822134? ago 

Who is to say this life isn’t punishment ?

If god was all powerful , he wouldn’t allow evil to exist in his universe that he created.

Is it better to live in a dangerious society that is free or to live as a slave in a safe society ?

I personally cannot take the risk of Hell not existing thus the flesh must suffer.