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I like it...

IT'S GENOCIDE!! Oh, shock horror...

Just kidding though... it's only execution...all be it on a large...1% scale (the psychopaths (the damned), not the rich)

I would let them live if it meant not having them embody again in 1000 years time before subsequently starting a cycle like this again...

My quid pro quo is; ok you can live, just let us all know the depth of this, if we want to look, then... Well I can't help the inherent angry mob manifestation. I'd wish you luck, but no. I'm hurting too...


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Either that or force them to disclose face daring civilization so they can finally have their planet for themselves, we should quaranteen them there as well


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I believe the cycle will begin again within the next 10 years. Love you brother and see you on the other side.