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"Wife anon, who doesn't watch tv" "no social media."

Well that's right there is the biggest reason she understood what you were showing her!

Now you take someone that has been going along with all the "Orange Man Bad" stupidity for the last 4 years, they will be a little harder to reach!


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I have a friend like this. Sent him everything linking Trump's accusations to actual evidence of Democrats committing those crimes and trying to project them on Trump for investigating them. Nope, he still believes the hoax accusations. Can't get through to him. I'm not even really debating him, I'm debating all the brainwashing media crap he has watched over the past 4 years. He even took my sources and ran it through a "fact checker" which is basically nothing more than an ignorance justification tool. Finally decided to give him over to what he wants to believe and will hope that over time he will come around. It's good to try at first, but at some point you can't force people to want truth.


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Sad ain't it.

The old saying, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink", sure is true in this case isn't it!?


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Some people just aint ready. Give them time, focus on others.


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Dude I have a friend that has come a long long way. He's currently on Michael Knowles. I'm convinced he'll make it but the ego gets in the way. One of the biggest phases is admitting that you were fooled.


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U make an excellent point.