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I'm with you, brother.

Some of us have to keep our asses hanging out, so they know where the heads are pointed. As far as I am concerned, I'd rather they see the tip of the iceberg--I want them to know we know, we're digging, we care, and we're not going to give up because of some snopes article. Their greatest fear has come true.

If you want to keep up, follow Q's posts--I've been using for awhile, but there are many others. Keep refreshing throughout the day. And if there's anyone that you care about that has swallowed this whole globalist bullshit hook, line, and sinker, just pull them aside and tell them that we've all been fooled--Democrat and Republican alike. Just tell them to keep an open mind between now and next November.

PM me if you want detailed steps on how to monitor the drops as they happen, but I guarantee you that it's a mess right now. By following sites like, you're only really a few minutes behind.


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Boats for Voat app on Android gives direct link to and notifications for new Q drops.


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Good app!!!