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Everything is technically a 'honeypot', if intel agencies want access to you and your data, they can get it. Now, what you are possibly avoiding by using some basic precautions are Google and co., the non-govt intel agency, which unless you're a secret agent is probably all you need to worry about. Having said all that, either hang out here on Voat with most of us dimwits, or get Tor and go over to Qresearch and watch the bread baked. As far as I know, those are the only Q authorized locations for information, Qresearch for the deep thinkers, and Voat, which is more like a chat forum full of shills, nitwits, and us regular folk.


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Here here! Well said


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Excellent answer, thank you.


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Weaponized autism....With the lights out. Damn I love the people on the chans.