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Panic in DC? More like, panic in Tel Aviv

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This all ties back to jews. All of it.

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Specifically, Epstein is/was a MOS honeypot operation targeting U.S. politicians.

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This all ties back to jews. All of it.

And there will not be a single comment by a "journalist" about this. Not one by the same people that can talk about russiagate for a year and half.

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Pedos of a feather fluck together.

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Thanks rabbi! Yes, Jews are the master race and everyone has to hate them here, to keep them (((you))) as perma victim.

Deflect away from the Clintons!

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We need to figure out this situation on how to explain this without the left-most 15% screaming Hitler to provoke the "NAH NAH I CAN'T HEAR YOU" response from the rest of the population. Remember, they do not know any of the shit about dem'Goys and how they created WW2 to cover up for Bolshevik Rev. REMEMBER, due to the Jew bastards infiltrating our education system, 90% of people out there will go from partially woke to "YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THAT SHIT? 6 MILLION JEWS DIED YOU PSYCHO!" - and back to square one we go.

Be easy on them. Some advice I've received on smaller redpills is to simply bring up famous people. Play Jew or Not-a-Jew.

Ease into money to israel, dual citizenships, why would they have so much power and control for such a small country?

Why do antifags do what they do, could they be getting paid? Who would pay them? For what reason?

Africans are very poor... Hell, most Americans couldn't afford a trip to Africa out of the blue. How is it that these Africans simply arrive in Mexico, only to show up at our borders? Wouldn't it be easier to A) Go to a neighboring country where they can maintain contact with their giant families? or B) If that's not an option, what about Europe? It's at least not all the way across an entire ocean!

Isn't it weird... The only form of outlawed speech in AMERICA is not, in fact, anti-American rhetoric. We have fucking parades devoted to the hatred of this, the country that allows them to have those parades. What could happen if the wrong person sees you spreading Anti-Semitism "Propaganda"?

Why, oh why, did Wikipedia feel the need to get rid of the very mundane fact that Epstein grew up in a Jewish Household?

I don't know. Maybe most are more willing to accept reality than I give them credit for. I'm just concerned about how the left is going to try to spin the facts from "Listen to this, the jews are trying to ruin your country" to "Goys, we've been through this every year you were in school...REMEMBER... We are an innocent peoples who have never caused harm and have always been discriminated against. We can't have that anymore, or you will be the cause of the next Hitler exterminating Jews! Do you want that? Do you want to be the reason for that? Remember Anne Frank?"

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i really, really liked the "All I'm saying Carmella is if the I in AIPAC stood for Italian, they'd be calling it a mafia organization. A bunch of Italians in congress sending billions of dollars to Italy for military aid? --we couldn't get away with that shit." meme i saw here yesterday, here's a reupload:


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Mossad Kike

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Yeah, no longer says Jewish family, I just went to Wikipedia to see.

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Changed just recently?

Any other reason they would change it (besides cause of the arrest)?

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With a name like EPSTEIN good luck with that

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We are aware, but most normies don't know the first thing about Jewish names. A lot think real White people can have Jewish names.

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Jeff VepsteNinOV? Oh classic mistake, Mr. Vepsteninov is just a simple Russian billionaire known for his accolades in the Russian Tech industry and was a fine tennis player as a young man. Shame to hear about all this stuff coming out, I really thought he was one of the good ones.

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He must be one of those goodjews we hear about.

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always the sick nasty jews!


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The further down this rabbit hole I go I realize that those who scream “anti semitism” are those that are the dirtiest players. The ones you aren’t allowed to ridicule are the evil ones. #smallhatmafia

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Fact is they coined that term...so, guess their going to make sure no one forgets it.

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Jewish people who CONCEAL their identity/heritage from gentiles (however they do it (eg name change), and for WHATEVER reason(s)) are EVIL people. PERIOD.

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