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Good theory! Tom is an American hero

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Watch the guns

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Good thought

If you are correct, then it will be Judicial Watch that releaes the information that Ted Cruz was also spied upon, however, FBI anon said Cruz is CIA.

Who knows at this point, but what you say makes drop #3338 more interesting.

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Doesn't matter, even if Cruz is CIA, he was spied on by the FBI as a presidential candidate at the behest of Hussein administration. This is a great theory. Was there a mirror dossier that says the same shit about Cruz??

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It actually makes it fucking hysterical if Cruz was CIA. Because that means their communication is garbage and they were spying on one of their own Trojan Horse candidates.

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I like this theory. Except. Q also said watch the water. I can not stomach to even look at Maxine Waters. Someone else should be appointed that duty. PLEASE!

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And all the pictures of watches would be to throw people off entirely so not many would keep regular track of what's happening at Judicial Watch.

Excellent deduction, Anon. My feeling is there are as many meanings as interpretations, in which maybe the pictures are used for diversion as well as containing different meanings. Pretty cool show.

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Yeah, me likee. Excellent.

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Side note.

5 July - POTUS says we’ll find out in 2 weeks why AF2 was diverted back to DC

Marker [1] Set. Q3231

“19” day

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Good call

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Slow-Roll: Notice how many people are pleading guilty?? (rolling over on the higher-ups?) And, easier for the public to stomach...

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Optics are crucial for sure... Q drop 190 I believe states only 20% to be public for justice

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Multiple meanings exist. Yes, follow Judicial Watch.

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