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If you are still on the fence about Jesus, just open your heart and let Him in.

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It does not hurt at all if you accept Jesus as your Lord. It feels really good being freed from your sins and you really do feel born again having the burdens lifted. Consider it, it won't hurt.

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Christ is always waiting for you to start the conversation. Just kneel and pray. It's that simple.

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I like how Black Conservative Patriot has the top comment on the White Squall Video: "Thumbs up if Q sent you here."

If you haven't seen Black Conservative Patriot's QAnon discussion channel, then you should check it out.

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I bet BCP will have a video about July 4th celebrations

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BCP 1 cool dude.MAGA

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Patriots have no skin color.

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Happy and Safe 4th of July, Patriots!

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Dear Q, re "that all men (&women)..." Please don't go SJW on us. "all men" is understood to include all women and doesn't need to be rewritten

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Women are part of this too!

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"all men" already means it includes women and Q doesn't need to be SJW and do verbal gymnastics

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Unfortunately, now a days it isn't. It once did because it was understood that beside every good man was a good woman and that they were included as a single unit, but with the nonsense they teach kids now in the schools, they may not automatically make that connection.

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Does "all men" include immigrants? Looks like Trump and his supporters don't think so. Sad!

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Legal immigrants. Yes.

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Legal immigrants are included yes. What you are thinking of are illegals. They are law breakers, therefore are living outside of a law and order society just like any other person living outside the law.

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The damn streams of the DC parade are being throttled and errored out (right side, fox, golden state times), and when they do work it's god damn foreign groups marching in the parade. Fucking Jeb Bush and some asshole general are tweeting threats at POTUS. Can we please step up the Storm shit?

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Watch Trump read the Declaration of Independence and say "..that all men (and women)"

Hyuge Q proof if he does.

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C-SPAN Will Live Stream July 4th Event

President Trump speaks at 4th of July celebration at https://www.c-span.org/video/?462091-1/president-trump-speaks-4th-july-celebration

Full list of events on July 4th at https://www.c-span.org/schedule/?date=2019-07-04

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