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https://tweetsave.com/donaldjtrumpjr/status/1144403015484530688 :

Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter: "Get ready guys. It’s almost time. All aboard the crazy train. #demdebate #2… "

https://tweetsave.com/usmc/status/1142764238450155521 :

U.S. Marines on Twitter: "Ready and Waiting

A scout sniper with Marine Rotational Force-Europe 19.2, @USMCFEA, provides security during Exercise Valhalla in Blåtind Training Center, Norway.… t.co/fjCZcYc7ZL"

https://tweetsave.com/esperdod/status/1143566247553990657 :

Acting Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper on Twitter: "2 of 3: Stay focused on your mission, remain steadfast in your pursuit of excellence, and always do the right thing. Together, we will remain the most ready and capable military force in the world, which is what our Nation expects and deserves."

https://tweetsave.com/uscg/status/1144211305982771200 :

U.S. Coast Guard on Twitter: "SAR demonstrations require just as much skill and care as the real thing - in an actual emergency, this Air Station Cape Cod aircrew is ready to save lies and come home safe.

📸: PA3 Zachary Hupp, @USCGNortheast… t.co/aFnBsomsUS"

https://archive.ph/M3QHW :

U.S. Air Force Academy on Twitter: "23 Hours ➡️ 23’s I-Day!

Ready, set...… "

https://tweetsave.com/iaf_mcc/status/1144607935202353153 :

Indian Air Force on Twitter: "#ExGaruda2019 : IAF contingent landed at Air Force Base, Mont-de-Marsan, France, today. The IAF contingent was given a warm welcome by the French Air Force. The Air warriors of IAF are ready for flying operations.… t.co/6faDy2rFmi"

https://tweetsave.com/usarmy/status/1144411368310882305 :

U.S. Army on Twitter: "With the testing phase complete, #USArmy's newest vehicle--built for modern battlefield networks--goes to full-scale production.

Read how the Army's JLTV is ready for action: t.co/rbhHlEwhb5


Photo by Scott Farley… t.co/66OvYZLI0o"

https://archive.ph/Nu3zV :

Camp Pendleton on Twitter: "The Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch on Camp Pendleton is the Corps’ test center specializing in the testing, evaluation and development of present and future amphibious vehicle platforms. Camp Pendleton provides the best location and resources to ensure Marines are combat ready.… t.co/CTEQ1Ke6cB"

https://tweetsave.com/mciwpendletonca/status/1144781116844335104 :

Camp Pendleton on Twitter: ".@3rdmaw units train day and night in the varied terrain offered by Camp Pendleton. Check out this footage of HMLA-469 "Vengeance" Marines getting ready for combat at the premier @USMC expeditionary training base. #SupportingWarfighters… t.co/VjPl5xYwUu"

https://tweetsave.com/usnavy/status/1143565274513379330 :

U.S. Navy on Twitter: "MT @INDOPACOM: Helicopters aboard the #USSGreenBay with the @31stMEU take flight in the #EastChinaSea, providing a lethal force ready for anything in support of their mission to maintain a free and open #IndoPacific. #NavyLethality #BlueGreenTeam… t.co/UU2v6eVa1Z"

https://tweetsave.com/11thmeu/status/1143197381032402944 :

11th MEU on Twitter: "USS Boxer ARG, 11th MEU Arrive in @US5thFleet

“Our training and preparation...has been designed to ensure we can be ready where it matters, when it matters,” said Col. Fridrik Fridriksson, 11th MEU CO. “We’re a @USNavy and @USMC team."

t.co/0xnR6PlOR7… t.co/bMCF87ND4g"

https://tweetsave.com/charliekirk11/status/1144438995407003648 :

Charlie Kirk on Twitter: "RT if after watching these radicals debate you are ready to do whatever it takes to elect our GREAT President Trump!"

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Can this be replicated for earlier time periods or is this truly an outlier statistically?

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Go look into it and let us know what you find. All I did was look up the tweets from the 8Chan user which brought attention to this.

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I'm interested in this. Are you ready?

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You’re awesome

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Yassss, replaced the pic I had in the post to this. Thank you! All tweets AFTER June 25th.

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So you’re saying the military doesn’t have a better way to communicate? What would the point of the military communicating like this be? Just doesn’t make sense.

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a better way to communicate? Duh, ugh yeah.

A better way to do it so that you and all the folks supporting the movement can see it too? Prolly not.

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It compels me to make a meme of these and share it. So there is some value there

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Why India? What's going on that India would post it?

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At a glance, it probably has to do with them being surrounded by communists and muslim states, they've been good allies and have dealt with terrorism in their lands. your guess? any India Annons like to weigh in? Bollywood movies are awesome though imo

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If there are tariffs between the US and another country, especially if they are changing the tariffs, that other country is probably on the team. Tariffs bring money in that is not based on debt and therefore they put a useful wedge between the legitimate leadership and the central banks*. It is likely that India is on the team. Also, we WANT them on the team because their people own gold which we have been tricked into relinquishing.

*which are owned by Rothchilds and are the most fundamental physical (non-spiritual) problem at the moment

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https://www.bitchute.com/video/lGLK4DPYbSkD - ( Donald Trump Jr. - Get ready guys. It’s almos... )

https://www.bitchute.com/video/Wc1BmWuY0yiz - ( Camp Pendleton - The Amphibious Vehicle Test Br... )

https://www.bitchute.com/video/z8djQC3WbbMU - ( Camp Pendleton - .@3rdmaw units train day and n... )

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@tallest_skil is ready to tell you to stay in qrv.

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