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Yeah, after watching him grab 8 year old girls, .... I had no idea!

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Biden is totally creepy, but the source is shit. Nothing but unsubstantiated claims. Even this “recording” is mysteriously missing.

Come on. Thinking people need real evidence.

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1:16 in the video I put some dope sennheisers on biden clearly states Do you know how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing right next to me?

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Never forget Anthony Weiner started out as Chucks intern.

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Well no shit Schumer is a pedo. He's a top tier politican and a Jew.

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talmudics are all evil.. media, hollywood and politicans with thier childish symbols of satanic horror.. side note and fun fact, the quran and talmud are equal to the right and left hand of satan.. As the old testiment and torah are the right and left hand of divinity.


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I only had to look at Chuck's wife to know that he is a degenerate freak

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Wife a Her? Him?

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No matter what you think about InfoWars, PJW has the best video that all but proves Joe Biden has a sexual attraction to children, and has very little control over himself.


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Cool, can't wait until something is done about it.

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Chuckie? His golem wife is obviously a beard.

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