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everyone i spoke to leading up to the 2016 election all said the same thing "it was a divine push" GOD told them they must vote for Trump.

We /Trump are being guided by GOD. hence why satanists and atheists muslim and demonrats are steady on the attack.. We are fueled by the divine which is why we dont get tired, they are fueled by evil which is why all they have is insults and cuckery

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this seems pretty obvious to me too. thus all the scared, desperate anti-jew Nazi/Islamist shills on QRV.

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Nice word Salad, but it may be worth your time to actually study the Jewish question. Their holy book has two classifications of Human. Something to consider when you Dismiss your allies because of your own ignorance.

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Yes I was just thinking that the other day.I read the celestine prophecy series years ago,and parts of it keep coming back to me right now. Yes I'd recommend them too.

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There's a reason for that. They plagiarized the entire thing from various religions.

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I read it coming out of high school- blew my mind. Back then I was really into weed/other things.

Worth a read IMO- there’s no such thing as a coincidence!

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Worth a Re-Read IMO, especially in light of everything that has been occurring since 2012. "End of an Era" indeed.

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Read it 25 years ago... it's very enlightening and insightful.

Don't need to read it again because I remember all of it. That's how impactful it was.

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That's around the time I read it. It's one of the books that took me away from trap of religion.

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What? 25 years ago?

You're telling me this information was around when I was in kindergarten? I find that hard to believe.

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yep... hit the book stores in 1993


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It's good to know of these things, but do not hold them to wisdom. New age bullshit has been around since the spiritualist movement of the 1700's and started with the astrology, tarot decks, and seances. Blovatsky is the pioneer of secular spiritual bullshit. Always it's man seeking godhead and finding dark powers to help him find power, not enlightenment.

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Please do not let yourself be deceived.

John 14:6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me".

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With great respect for The Word, I challenge that interpretation. I took a course in Aramaic for 2 years, and this verse was our first assignment to translate. It shook me to my core and led me to take more classes in both Aramaic and Hebrew just so I could read it first hand instead of the interpretations of others. Our class of 30 scholars spent more than a week on this, dissecting it and discussing it's meaning. As you know, the difficulty is that there were no punctuation marks nor were there vowels in the original texts. So truly everything is open to Hermaneutics (the study of the context of the writing,) and to an understanding of the surrounding text.

All that to say THIS (which kind of fits what the OP is discussing here) is the interpretation that 30 deeply religious Bible Scholars came to at the end of those sessions:

***John 14:6 reads: "I AM. The Way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. No one comes to the I AM, except by the way that I AM going." ***

When we finished our studies, argued about it, fought it, even some cried about it, we listened to these words and felt changed. In many ways this agrees with the ancient texts that say Christ was a Mystic. That verse is not a weapon. Not a blunt force instrument. Not saying you have to pray only to Christ (which is what the Priests wanted. They wanted intermediaries. These plebes couldn't possibly speak directly to God! Who do they think they are!)

Look, I know we are on the same side. This is not to divide us, just to say, take a step back and think again about the verse. Do your own research. (BTW repent only means TO THINK AGAIN. Re-Pent.)


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Unless you're gonna tell me Christ himself is talking to you, you're going through a ton of other people my dude.

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Yeah, it was new age garbage when it was written, and it is still new age garbage.

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Read this in high school. Changed my world view substantially.

Thinking back, doesn't it have a bit of anti-Christianity undertones though?

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It has anti-Dogmatic undertones. Christianity and the Church(Think Vatican) were used as a way of getting people to pay attention to the censorship that has gone on. It wasn't opposed to the church in any direct way outside of the fact that the Church attempts to weaponize scripture against the masses, claiming THEY know what Gods plans are and as such, WE do not need to even bother with the insights and so THEY will destroy them, lest we learn from them and think for ourselves.

Dogmatism is the bane of human existence regardless of which institution is backing it. Dogmatism is the idea that someone else can tell you and know better than you without ever having to explain it or offer any reasoning outside of "It is Gods will", and of course, they(the flawed human that they are, just as are we all) are the only one capable of directly interacting with God and so, you only hear his will through them.

The Insights suggest that you can commune with God yourself, that you do not need nor should you want a Middle man. Even Christ himself said "The Kingdom of Heaven is found within".

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Strictly speaking dogma is a doctrine that was revealed by God to mankind, rather than arrived at through some human effort, experience, logic, etc. Being of a pure source, it is a class of doctrine that is considered infallible, whereas most doctrine is not infallible. For example we only know that Christ is the way, truth and life because He, God the Son, told us that. Nobody asked for that info, nobody arrived at it through some line of thought. The teaching that Christ is the way, truth and life is a direct teaching from God, that is a dogma by the old proper definition. Over time the meaning was blurred and the adjective form, dogmatic, became derogatory. Of course being dogmatic about ideas that are not dogma is wrong.

As far as middlemen go, some interpretation is needed in some situations. When we read Scripture in English it has already been interpreted for us from the original language(s). When Philip met the Ethiopian in Acts 8 he needed a guide to interpret for him and Philip was willing to oblige.

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True - read up on Martin Luther. He posted his objections on the church door. Too many people didn't listen. IMHO the Roman Catholic church has never been a friend of the people. They were the first Deep State and have been participating in all we are fighting. Stories of satanic pedo rituals in the catacombs send chills down my spine. This pope now is a POS. WE are in a waking up time and it's time to go back and look at what is real wisdom in the biblical collection of books, and what has been translated for the benefit of the RC church. In the Gospels of Thomas Christ says, "If you search for that which is within you, what you find will save you." Of course the Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdalene are tossed about as being fake, or not of The Word, or whatever dismissive thing they want to say... why? BECAUSE it does not fit the narrative. Does that sound familiar??

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Thank you for your reply. Maybe I'll re-read it.

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