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He accidentally fell while looking for his envelope.

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As I recall, he didn't get an envelope. He was indeed looking for his.

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Very good!

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Funny because it true.

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Oh you mean JIMMY Carter... I was scared you meant Sara Carter! Who cares about Jimmy Carter?

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And I was afraid he meant Carter Page

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I was afraid he meant Nick Carter.

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DS delaying with a state funeral. They'll kill anyone to buy time.

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In the army, we called it "killing off your grandparents". You want a day off so you announce that your maternal grandmother has died and you have to go to her funeral. Nobody checks, but you can only do this 4 times. After that, you can get your girlfriend pregnant an unlimited amount of times. You have to go home to deal with the crisis, but she has a miscarriage or it's a false alarm.

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I thought he meant Carter Page. Facts.

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:) Sara Carter

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A State Funeral will NOT stop what's coming. Carter shouldn't even still be alive after that brain cancer at his age. He must have received 'special' treatments to have overcome it and lasted this long. They may think it'll be a distraction though. All it probably took was someone to stick their foot out and trip the old goat to take him out.

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Oh, ok. You must have placed a LARGE bet after your crystal ball reading.

Its Tuesday...this imminent BOOM(s) should be exponentially approaching...wanna parlay that bet and name the day?

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Not a datefag, and only speculating about Carter. Why you mad at me?

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What's coming?

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"You'll see."-DJT

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A State Funeral is great place to gather several of the guilty parties together and make public arrests. Wouldn't that be amazing?

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The prophecy from Mark Taylor said two will be taken and three will be shaken in reference to the 5 (at the time) living presidents. Logic dictates the two oldest--Bush Sr. and Carter. This could be interesting. Could another state funeral be referring to the boom week ahead? Or are we looking at another diversion to keep the criminal dimms hanging on for a few more days? Everytime the headline narrative turns against the cabal we see some big headline grabber incident. They need something bigger than another old stale shooting narrative to change the headlines.

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Oh, this is hilarious. Sorry, Jimmy; I want to be compassionate to a 94 yr old guy but... you fell while on your way to go turkey hunting, and this quote is Totally KEK:

"President Carter said his main concern is that turkey season ends this week, and he has not reached his limit," (Carter Center statement)

Yes! We also want the Turkeys bagged this week!

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Right on time.

Potus tweeted: he'll be fine...

That is what commanders always say when you are about the kick the bucket....

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Way too soon to pull the RGB card since she still has cases to rule upon.

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THIS....which means Carter is fuuuuucked.

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