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The talking heads are under contract and do not get to chose what they say. Thier talking points are given to them. It's all propoganda. We are the real news now.

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It dawned on me the other day, that the newscasters actually don't know which of their stories are true and which are lies. That makes it easier for them to spout the party line without flinching.

That's also why you saw Martha Raddatz cry on election night and Rachel Maddow when the mueller report came out -- they actually didn't know they had been lying for an entire year.

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We are the real news now.

Will the arrests start next week? Tune in tonight to find out more.

18 ways to find a shill - number 17 will shock you!

  1. They talk about how we predicted arrests last week. And that one before and...
  2. ....

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Patience. It's a virtue.

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Jews own the mainstream news media and Jews are the enemy of Christianity and western civilization.

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No, no, no. You've been lied to. it's the people running the check out stands at the Supermarkets. They are the ones behind all evil in the wold.

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They have the CHOICE to do the right thing and #walkaway - judgement will be not be kind.

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A couple of supertankers and 2 - 5 other ships were "sabotaged" at dock in the Emirates yesterday, reportedly some flames (no photos yet) - total Western news blackout. Was covered by fort-russ.com

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That's some real information. Good to know, thank you Anon.

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MSM and its owners are like the piece of stone that sits there without moving, while the world has completely changed. It's called "arrested development", "stunted growth", "entropied civilization", "dogmatized culture".

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Exactly. Yep.

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I couldn't agree more patriot. Hopefully part of the take down of corrupt interests in the USA is the media. They can't even pretend to be impartial now which makes them an arm of the democrat party. There has to be laws against that.

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There are dozens of ground breaking stories swirling on Gateway Pundit, Zero Hedge, Epoch Times, The Hill, etc,

Yeah, bullshit sites have different standards than genuine news sites.

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"genuine news sites"


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