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I not only support POTUS' tariff, I think it is not high enough. I think international trade is a scam by the globalists for the control of the global economy. Each country should produce and consume their own goods. Only things that the country cannot produce need to be traded with other countries. That way, each country is self sufficient and resilient and stable and less susceptible to external shocks. That way countries can maintain their sovereignty and not manipulated by Soros, Rothchild and the like. Another benefit is that we can save natural resources in moving goods around the globe, lessening damage to our environment. Thus I propose to raise tariffs high enough around the globe so as to stop most of the trade. The only losers in the long run will be the cabal. BTW, I got my Ph.D. of economics in international trade theory from one of those liberal schools. It's a total waste of 7 years in my life.

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I agree. The end of the broken window fallacy. We can become isolationists. No more foreign aid. We really don't need trade. We can produce for our own needs just fine. First we need to get off fiat currency and on an asset back currency of some kind. The government needs to issue a debt free currency. Then we're free to cut all international trade. The biggest problem we had was Israel and Saudi Arabia. Once we become isolationists, they aren't a concern anymore. Of course the globalists will cry and stomp their feet... boo hoo! Remove all our military bases from foreign countries, there is no need. We can defend ourselves just fine from our own country.

The multinational corporations can continue to do whatever they want, just not here. Take away legal personhood of abstract entities.

I could go on and on...

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You know Trump is definitely pro-corporate personhood, right?

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Your comment got me to thinking. Has there been any studies to see just how much energy is used moving goods around the globe? How much pollution it produces?

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Shhh! You'll spoil the globalization party!

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Only things that the country cannot produce need to be traded with other countries.

Which is exactly why they systematically destroyed our ability to produce our own goods over 25yrs. They made us rely on China. We built China.

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By the same argument used by the globalists, Earth cannot have a viable economy as we Earthlings are "isolationist" and not trading with space aliens

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First intelligent China Tariffs comment I seen today on Voat.

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Higher prices are always offset by the higher wages earned after tariffs. Sucks to be china right now.

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Yet inflation is next to nothing, after all these tariffs. Figure that one out

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Not the fed, the people.

We must end the fed.

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It was just “structure,” actually

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He's doing it and I'd bet he may have a plan.

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He's maneuvered them into high interest rates. They can't raise the interest rates even higher without massive blowback. Their primary lever of economic controll has already been exhausted.

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If they raise interest rates much, Banks become insolvent due to all of their derivatives. They have already said they will do more quantitative easing/money printing instead. It doesn't make any sense to print more money with a strong economy.

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We already know tariffs work. That's why (((they))) got us away from them. To enable the enslavement of our populace. I hope that Trump is able to do all the things he intends on doing. It is a great time to be alive and in Christ!

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The globalist cabal Fed is in a bad place - they want to crash the economy and blame Trump so they can get back to globalist ponzi, but if they try to do that Trump will end the Federal Reserve system, and they all know it. Trump has openly said the words "gold standard," and sent his people down to count the gold. He knows exactly what is available.

The Fed has no choice but do Trump's bidding, and wait for the day they can get someone more cooperative in office. Trump knows that too.

The other global central banks are also trapped by Trump's policies. They can still print, but then their currencies lose value and America gets even stronger. Devaluing currency risks Trump's tariff retaliation wrath, and everyone fully believes he will do it. Hell, he even tariffed Canada, his best trading partner, and the one nation with actual balanced trade with the US. Trump's economics, (which are really Reaganomics,) forces nations to act as nations again. They have no other choice. It's do that or go bankrupt.

Nation state economics - you concentrate on your internal economy, and if other nations want access, they have to pay for the privilege. This gives domestic business the trade advantage on the home front, and it is the secret to restoring wealth to the citizens of any nation.

The Swedish economic miracle - an example that the left loves to point to about the proven benefits of the welfare state - included free health care, free day care, guaranteed employment in quality jobs, free education, one of the highest living standards in human history, 75% unionization rate, almost no crime to speak of - almost the highest longevity ever achieved, etc etc.... including very profitable corporations, and a high tech national army, armed with domestically produced high quality weapons - and they did it like this for many decades - but they also did all of this behind a wall of some of the highest tariffs in the world. Sweden got in bed with the globalists, and now Sweden is a shithole country.

The fatal flaw of the globalist plan is a simple one - ponzi economics does not work. It is a Wizard of Oz illusion of economics, and it collapses every time. It's the Potemkin economy - where the news is always good, and people are poorer every year, and ever further in debt. It's fake economics.

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I don't think the President can just dissolve the Fed. Wouldn't it need action from Congress?

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With a stroke of his pen he can dissolve the Fed.

He can use the Marine Corps if there are any questions.

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Max Keiser always says, you cannot taper a ponzi scheme. The great derivative unwind will be spectacular. I keep one eye on Deutsche bank because I think the great unwind will start there.

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The dems are for tariffs. It’s going to be fun to watch. I don’t need any new plastic trinkets that last 3 days before they break.

Anyone know if amazon is purely China garbage? I suspect it is

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Brother got him and me a couple of decent takedown bows with a dozen carbon arrows each. Not as cheap as PVC pipe and Paracord but each kit shaves about $60 off a Mossberg with no 4473s to hassle with

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It's a mixed bag. If you have to buy from Amazon do your research on the product first.

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No one has to buy from Amazon.

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It's been flooded with a lot of Chinese garbage. I always read the reviews to see what people are saying. By and large, you can expect that the cheaper the product, the more likely it will break because it was made in China.

The artificially low prices from Made in China goods that America has enjoyed the last couple decades has been so bad for us culturally, as well as environmentally.

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China knows how to make crap, however China also knows how to make top notch stuff also. You want something made that costs the importer $0.10 per piece, China will do it. Depends on what price point you want.


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China only knows how to make crap because they stole our intellectual property, jobs, and money to do it. By themselves they’re fucking useless.

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By now the Fed is probably in a catch-22 where no matter what they do they're going to crash because the entire system itself is an elaborate ponzi scheme. It's designed to break and economists explain it away as the "business cycle".

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