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Had the iPad plugged in charging at the computer the other day because it won't charge plugged into the wall since the new OS update; always in airplane mode and hardly use it for anything yet after posting this, when I finally opened it MAPS was open with my precise location.

... On the iPad that was on airplane mode the entire time, and on which I've NEVER opened the maps app.

Scary shit.

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airplane mode doesn't mean jack for the kind of privacy we care about. unless you got one of the old cheap flip phones for mobile comms like I do . . .

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If you can’t pop the battery off it’s never off or fully disabled from spying on you.

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Yeah duh, its 20+ year old news that any computer device can pinpoint u with accuracy that increases with each piece of data it gets. Connected or even pinged a wifi? Yeah it knows where u are.

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WiFi is still available in airplane mode now and is used for positioning.

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Even when you have location services turned off. There's no way to use the device without being tracked.

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People who own and support apple product are fucked in the head. No sympathy from me.

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Divisivefags like you are what's wrong with the country. Our lack of virtue is the reason we've brought ourselves to the brink of tyranny.

Educate rather than judge motherfucker or we'll soon be slaughtering each other in the streets.

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Do you have a source? She is not listed on their website, and I can’t find any other references.


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I could not find her listed either, nor the Eric Holder on Uber board. I think these are two waste of time seekers for attention.

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New shill method. Spread false information.

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She is not! I follow many things Apple and was shocked at this. It is not true. Thanks to the person who linked the leadership.

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Lisa Jackson is. She was/is in charge of environmental initiatives and, if I remember correctly, was revealed to be one of the people communicating under a pseudonym in the DNC/HRC/Podesta emails. Not saying that she was up to no good but why use a fake email address? And, I’m automatically suspicious of anyone connected to Obama, HRC and their clowns.

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Why isn't she in jail awaiting her trip to the gallows for treason?

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We are having to build extra heavy duty gallows to hold her fat ass without breaking.

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I bet the Obummer administration people are on the payroll of the tech giants, finance institutions, Universities and Hospitals / Big Pharma / Health Insurance. All the companies that got paid off while the rest of the county got laid off.

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Which is why big tech is beholden to the DNC and friends.

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So one day old Bill Clinton is just flying around and decides to stop at a little airport in Arizona. Low and behold, it just so happens that his old friend, Loretta Lynch, just happens to be on another airplane at the same airport...amazing coincidence. Old Bill decides to visit his friend, who just happens to have his wife's presidential ambitions in the palm of her hand, and they chat for half an hour about their grand-kids and golf...the subject of the FBI's investigation into Hillary was never mentioned.

In truth, it was more like; "When Hillary wins, she's gonna put your monkey-butt on the Supreme Court, so we gotta make this whole thing with the FBI go away". Bill may have also reminded Loretta that enemies of Hillary often met with misfortune...that would have cinched the deal.

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NOT TRUE!! B S post.

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You’re correct. We’ve got to call out the BS.

Just remember though, in the Podesta emails, it was revealed that Tim Cook was being considered for a Vice President nomination.

And Al Gore has been prominently connected to Apple for a long time now.

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