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Why isn't he in jail awaiting his trip to the gallows for treason?

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For being in contempt of Congress?

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For running guns to Mexican Cartels, so they would battle each other.

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Another post with incorrect information. Thanks to link in comments showing leadership. No Eric holder is not on Uber board. Ariana Huffington is though. I found that strange.

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Never take Uber if you're white, it's like paying to hitch hike.

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I will remember that!

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If there is ever taxi service available, use it. Uber and Lyft are putting them out of business and, once gone, Whites will have no way to get around. Take taxis!!

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Yes, you need to say more. What is significant about this?

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I remember after Charleston S.C. receiving from Uber customer relations, an email denouncing the “hate” of the right, letting me know they would be watching so as to ban anyone not on board with the “love” coming from the left. So they totally supported KKK and Antifa thugs, etc. Makes perfect sense now.

That’s the day I uninstalled their app from my phone.

So has anyone else been noticing, these social media types and like Uber types of companies, all have been announcing their own flavor of the social scoring system Google developed for China! They are deploying it! How much you wanna bet, they’re sharing code, probably sharing database.

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