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Little do the RNC know that Trump is a Republican in name only. He needs them to destroy the DNC and by doing so they are digging their own grave. I love it. Get them to fight each other and when they are done destroying each other you declare victory. Divide and Conquer. Trump is defeating them with their own game and the NSA which both parties created. I am a proud Patriot enjoying Trump's brilliance.

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Hopefully, there will be a nationalist party that emerges

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You know why there wasn't a "Libertarian", or "Constitution", party very long ago?

Because it was a fucking given. A given that politics would be non-criminal, and pro-liberty.

It used to be called being "American".

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An American Party... for America.

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Little does the RNC know

Of course they fucking know! They tried just as hard to stop him.

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of course they know, they are the party of "never trump"

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"Never America". Thats what they really are.

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How is Trump any different? Please tell me. We have aircraft carriers headed to Iran, we have tax cuts for the rich, we have a porous border, he won’t say the words “white people” and we still suck Israel’s cock. How has he been any different than Jeb would have been?

Oh yeah, his twitter. I forgot.

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Right! I doubt we need parties in the future. Philosophy King type of government is the best. Remember Socrates? He rather chose death then living under democracy. Our democracy is a sham anyways.

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Our democracy is a sham anyways.

That's because it's a democratic republic you twat.

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Dr Paul and intelligence agencies warned there was no real threat, but that we would create them with Bush/Clinton regime's aggression.

Has any family done more harm to the US in the last 50 years than the Bushs, and their associates?

The sabotage was intentional!

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W tells Muzzies it's a 'Crusade', kills over a million of them...

then Obama opens the front door and lets them in

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Now it’s time For war with IRAN.

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Hijacking this comment with less replies than the above comments to let real anons know of the following.



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would LOVE for potus to announce during his 4th of july speech that he is leaving the repub-party and forming the PATRIOT party for his 2020 run!!!!!

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Holy Shit!! Now that's a brilliant idea!

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imagine the hundreds of thousands of PATRIOTS at the lincoln memorial cheering for THAT announcement! and of course the DS and MSM losing their shit again LOL!!!

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Patriot party = israel party. More of the same. The only way out is for each state to form a peoples militia and enforce the constitution

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Agree. Country is so cluster fucked the only way out is CW 2.0. Get rid of the corrupt politicians then moslems first.

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Perhaps, but after all of the Jew-cock-sucking race-traitors have been goodified then what does it matter what President Trump's party is called?

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The Palestinians are actively engaged in confronting Jews.

Why don't you join them?

Or you could just sit there on your fat ass and pretend you're making a difference by attacking TRUMP.

just like a SJW piece of shit

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I'd rather encourage the Palestinians and the Israelis to fight among themselves because the only thing better than a dead sandnigger is a dead kike.

Also I didn't attack President Trump.

Your reading comprehension is poor.

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Fuck the whole middle east, glass it all including isntreal.

Then we can cleanse all western countries of foreign invaders, the traitorous jews and good goys that opened the gates.

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Jews are Neo-Palestinians

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I see what you're getting at but we just want to be left out of it. The fight is not America's.

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Finally some fucking sense! The only reason I'm even part of the RNC is because Trump ran in this party. The RNC is full of a bunch of cowards, idiots, and idiot-cowards. These aren't men of power and authority, most are men of being pushovers and submitting to the will of others. I can't wait to give these fuckheads a reckoning that they won't fucking believe. It upsets me that Adam Schitt and Ron Desantis and others can even get a paycheck at all!

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RNC thinks they're safe because they're making deals with trump.

Man are they in for a BIG fucking surprise.

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If you live in a swing state, vote Republican. If you live in a solid Red or Blue state, vote for a 3rd party. Your vote won't matter anyway, but by voting for a 3rd party, you will help break out of this petrified two-party duopoly.

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((( Trump ))) lost my vote

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Two sides, same coin.

It must be reforged in fire to regain any value.

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