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^^ as long as it's not edited, finally a non-lolli-porn or other shitpost jpg here on QRV

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Somehow I can't look at this picture of Barr and see him saying anything along the lines of "depends on what the definition of 'is' is." Maybe that's why Democrats can't understand him when he speaks. When he says spying, he means, ya know, spying.

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I know . . . there was a great amount of hesitation but the 20 up votes pushed me over the edge and boy was that "cat that ate the canary" grin worth it.

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General David Petraeus in the left picture frame in a place of honor. Interesting. Probably one of the good guys who happened to be in the way of the coup. Karma is a bitch.

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My last standing O gave me a cramp.

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Barr held in contempt of Congress. Hillary Clinton and her merry band of evil fuckers still walk free.

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Nothing will happen to Barr and we all know that. What it does however is tie up the court system for 6 to 12 months and continue the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative in the media.

Dems supporters love that. Supporters of the President know it is bullshit and a colossal waste of time. money, and resources. Why it is being done however is the move some independent voters over to the Dem side for 2020. Polls have already shown that most all (excluding hardcore Dem voters) Americans are sick of this crap and they already know what happened. Trump is guilty of no crimes or collusion, which is not even a crime.

Wait until the IG's report comes out. One of these days, Slick Willie and Killary will quietly move to the Marshall Islands and ask for citizenship to avoid prosecution and extradition.

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I dont think independents will be voting Dem. This is a very risky game for them, but it's all they have. They have no choice but to continue this charade. They have their shovels and the will continue to keep digging their hole.

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Did you type that wrong? There's no independents swinging Dem after all this. Was this a sly shill tactic? lol.

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Better not stop DECLAS.

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Projection is abundantly clear. They aren't fooling anyone but their base voters.

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Their base is brainwashed. These people really are evil.

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Yep. Barr has already licked the side of beef.

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DemocRATs projecting as usual...

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I wonder if Barr can file a claim under the Federal Torts Claim Act —— the holding of contempt to try to force him to commit an illegal act seems like a classic tort committed by persons drawing salary directly from the government.

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As of this moment, 93-0 upvotes. Shills not here.

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“Shills.” What a fucking Qlown.

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Found one

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The dems are pure evil. This bullshit this morning was a *setup operation, IMO. They were pressuring AG Barr to turn over unredacted report. They all know that it would be illegal for him to do so.

So, what if he said, "ok, here is the full, unredacted report." Then after, would the dems say, 'gotcha?" You're busted?

They really put him in a bad spot. Do something that is illegal and if he doesn't do that, he gets a majority dem vote for obstruction. WTF!? Declas can't come soon enough.

Edit: * substituted the word 'sting' for setup

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Awesome to hear-- I would have stood for Barr if I were there.

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When this is all over, and Barr decides it is really time to retire for the second time, Trump needs to award him The Presidential Medal of Freedom like he just did with Tiger. It’s the least the President can do for all the bullshit the Dems are putting him through.

To the Dems it will feel like sliding down a 500 foot razor blade into a vat of iodine.

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Remind me again what that adulterous, drunk-driving Quadroon did to deserve the Medal of Freedom?

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Trying to force a person (Barr) to commit an illegal act — what criminal acts are these House Representatives committing?? Also, they are lawyers, what state ethics/professional responsibility rules are they breaking? Anyone willing to file complaints to their respective state bars?

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Excellent point. However are you still considered a practicing lawyer or prosecutor upon taking elected office? I am unsure of legal statuses and if they can be "parked" while in office.

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