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Been thinking about this for awhile. How's this?

1) Clip shows how organized the DS really is, with some very bad people in charge. The minions have been taught to fight without integrity. Without Mercy. Without caring about the human toll. This is the Payseurs, Soros, Rothschilds, Clintons - all the money behind the shadow government

2) Ralph Macchio does some sleuthing and figures out what's going on and why all these people are fighting the way they are. By sneaking in the back of the training room, he hears the instructions. He knows most of these guys wouldn't have the stomach to fight like this without the bad guy at the head of the group. But he also identifies who the point man is in his fight. And they lock eyes. Just as HRC and the rest of the knuckleheads have locked eyes with POTUS. POTUS knows and they know he knows. And he knows they know.

3) Armed with this new information, Macchio goes back to his teacher and prepares for the fight in a different way, realizing the old rules don't apply. He knows these people will do anything in their power to destroy, just as those leading the Demonrats will do anything to destroy the US's sovereignty in order to get their way.

How's that?

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I think you're interpreting it better than the people who think Q was taking the side of the asshats in the movie. We're the good guys, the underdog and we'll prevail in the end! It's that final scene in Karate Kid after all the preparations... arms up on one foot. And they never saw what was coming! (Appear weak when you are strong)

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I’m giving out up votes, you won one. Of course the guy who said he pooped today did too, but he made me laugh.

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The organized kids could represent Antifa and others like them. We now know that Antifa was/is in contact and organizing with foreign Deep State terrorist organizations (MS-13 and ISIS and such) due to recent news... I have been digging on what I am calling a Redbeard Cult (who I believe is responsible for the majority of shitposting here and on 8chan). There are sites that seem to merge the "fascists" with the "anti-fascists" in the name of hate and creating chaos, and I have noticed comments that seem to allude to upcoming actions taken by these crazies. Of course, I could just be paranoid after reading so much of their hypocritical, psychotic nonsense, but it makes sense that Antifa are more than just soy boys and dykes. They alone, even guided by their handlers, could not learn war strategy without a different breed training them, which is why I think the "Nazis", a nihilistic cult, are in charge, hints the recent church fires and shootings and attempted bombings... I am hesitant to post my findings here because of them being here, but I will once I have turned it all over and am satisfactorily done.

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Great job! It is difficult not to fall into the same old methods again out of habit or otherwise. I'm so glad that POTUS is able to think beyond our routines and even teaching all of us in the process. It really is a terrific time to be alive and learn everything. I love knowing.

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I pooped today.

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Outside or inside?

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I didn't. :-(

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I can't hear you! Mr. Lawrence warm up.

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'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' Enjoy the show! Q

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Aim for the flat top!

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I'm thinking 3331 (among others) was written by none other than Admiral Rogers after learning he loves movies so much. What an amazing time to be alive!

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Q [AR]=Miyagi We=are Daniel-san In the video of Admiral R. states how much he loves movies and music seemed more like a nod to Anons because we know Q is all about the movie references. I wonder if AR is the kind of guy who would listen to Dink. I always loved that song and it blew me away when Q posted it. President Trump is cool as hell but I just can't picture POTUS jammin to Dink in the limo...lol but then again, than man is full of surprises.

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I totally agree about the nod part, as I was thinking the exact same thing. No Fucking way that comment wasn't for us. Don't know dink myself, but I rarely listen to music anymore cuz it sucks kek.

Maybe drop kick Murphys now and then lol

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The video clip is obviously symbolic, the karate school is the "OLD GUARD", Trump is Ralph Macchio. The kid takes a few beatings from the bad guys at first, but in the end he kicks ass and wins the tournament. I've been following Q from the start, and honestly at times I've had my doubts, but I really think the shit will soon hit the fan.

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trump is miyagi, we are daniel-san

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Eh, you missed it, Daniel is the villain, the disabled weakling with blue hair on food stamps who cries out in pain as he strikes you.

The aggressive weakling, who, after starting a fight with a bigger kid, looks to even the score by doing the equivalent of shopping for a gun, only to find the bigger kid behind the counter at the gun store.

Trump is cobra kai.

Strike hard, strike fast, no mercy is Cobra Kai, not Myagi Do.

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Nobody noticed the clip was 1:19 long?

Think mirror.

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Woooo nice catch

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Sweet, I hope “Naddler the hut” is on the agenda! After watching last two days he’s worse than the chuck and Nancy show

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Yup, Nadler is climbing up several lists. Keep it up Jerry, I've got a sidebar you'll shit yourself in public before this is over. And I mean literally shit yourself.

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Given his physic I don’t see him climbing much else.

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Strike 1st! Strike fast! No Mercy!!! #PAIN BITCHES!!!

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Old guard unrepentant hearts will continue to harden.
NO DEALS for these Traitors.
This will NEVER happen again.

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Flynn will get a deal for his Treason charge though probably.

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