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Is justice impartial in this country

Phil Mudd

The president is leading the American people to believe that institutions of state are corrupt? 50 min Hayden, with no knowledge, and no data ------- I think there is more there, there, than I thought there was 6 12 18 months ago. chick--on both the obstruction and collusion? ya End by summer of 2018, its gone on longer, end in a national Rorschach test, a cloud where no one changes their opinion

I think Phil's instincts are mine.

Again my instinct no data, is the President is frightened and desperate

Indictment of the 13 Russians....from GRU was establishing the predicate for an American criminal act..... chick....someone from the Trump campaign? yes

Trump will embrace long term destructive actions against institutions of the USA.

stock here - fucking A yeah, we are still dreamers........

Hayden, Clapper, Phil Mudd, all of these showed political bias. Trump was right, and history, will show, these crooks were dangerous men. Plotters that wanted to see him removed by illegal abuses of their craft. Phill Mudd said on live tv '“You’ve been around for 13 months. We've been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We're going to win". A clear threat to Trump

I don't care what he did with Stormy Daniels..... (nice pot shot there big boy)


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The 13 trolls were later shown to be completely ineffective, spending 100,000 on facebook ads that pretty much no one saw, and no prosecution could come.