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You know, this explains so much, much more than the practice of Taqiya (sp?) - where they are told to lie. Because his gay lifestyle would get him killed in most Muslim countries, so he plays the chameleon and is whoever his audience wants him to be.

It also explains his hubris and outright arrogance that he will not be busted for any of this. I wonder if he's shaking in his boots now... One theory I've read is that the C_A and FBI set him up from the beginning at the behest of Kissinger/Soros et al. So Obama knows if he goes to jail, they will too. Well, bucko, your buddies are going down! So..... as that meme of Hillary says, "If you take me to jail I'm taking most of Washington DC with me!"

It's no wonder this is taking so long. There are so many moving parts to this swamp. It's like trying to herd cats on meth.