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Well done, Patriot. Great research. Thank you for your industrious pursuit of knowledge.

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Map of Obummers movements growing up. Notice anything weird

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keep your gay porn to yourself, faggot

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a view from your webcam

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I guess it's a small army of shills downvoting this information. Who else would, and/or why? Primarily those who could believe all the BS they learned in the NWO school system? (Where would they learn any different?) Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes a slogan.
I do have sad feelings for the many duped snowflakes, but I reserve my greater love and empathy for my Dad (b. 1912 in VT, d. 2001) who worked all his life to give his kids values of honor and integrity, all the while never dreaming he was sending tax money into a foreign corporation of banksters to support the vilest of behaviors worldwide. R.I.P. Dad.