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British police allowed him to hold that book on his way out. Anyone read it yet?

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iHow about the ISBN... you know how if you search the hashes in q posts in google books, a book will show up. we need to do the reverse

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Good thinking anon. Looks like you've just volunteered.

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9781494887995 That’s the ISBN

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The hive mind at work

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Gore Vidal history of nation security state

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wasn't that the same book harvey weinstein was holding on the way into his trial?

edit. no.

Weinstein arrived at a New York police precinct holding Richard Schickel's biography of the late stage and film director Elia Kazan and Todd Purdum's Something Wonderful: Rodgers and Hammerstein's Broadway Revolution. The Kazan book came out in 2005, the Rodgers and Hammerstein book this spring.

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This comment deserves more attention than it is receiving.

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Court TV is returning to the airwaves in May.

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Can we stop saying boom to everything

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Honk Honk

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Dive! Dive! Dive!

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Hahahahaha! Thought the exact same response and here you are👍

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POTUS Tweet 1 hr. ago, from Fox graphic: "Trump's Soaring Approval" TSA? Can it be that easy? Trump Secure(s)(d) Assange? Please let it be that easy!

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I am merely a spectator too dumb to comprehend all of this shit.

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Not dumb. Much to watch.

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Plus Q post again said "WE GOT THE SOURCE".

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Yes,THIS! A safe extradition to the U.S. will start a D5 avalanche.

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Who wants to make a bet that the next Q Drop, 3312, will be about Assange?

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i want in on the action

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I would absolutely take that bet and DOUBLE DOWN!

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Odds are good.

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safe bet

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Question with this logic..... why wouldn’t the whitehats have done this say a year or more ago? Wouldn’t this have sped things up and saved a few lives in the mass shooting ff’s, or saved the house in the midterms? Or saved some newborn babies from being executed? Or saved some normies from this indoctrination they’ve been subject to for two years (and more)? Bringing JA in and then showing proof of SR assassination along with other dirt would’ve ended all of this awhile ago no?

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Trump had to clean House

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Also, if the Trump administration ("White Hats") have planned on using Assange's testimony, they would not want to reveal it until at the last moment.

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Fair enough. Makes sense.

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You have to keep saying it otherwise you get ARRESTS or GTFO!!!!!. The Sword and Blindfold of Justice had to be reinstated.

Further, indictments have to be unsealed first before arrests can take place and trials to proceed.

First 8 criminal referrals sent out this week on top of anything/everything else the DOJ/OIG is working on.

Anyone that cannot see this does so intentionally or is a moron.

/they aren't morons

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Really...people keep rushing things but I want this done by the book just like it should be for every single criminal case. Were in this mess because of all types of illegal actions including "entrapment" from previous law enforcement officials. If we cut any corners then they will accuse us of the same crimes.

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Let's face it, we don't know what we don't know. If Q and Q+ felt that the need required waiting until now they have proven they are not into half-assery. I trust that there was a strategic reason to wait. So why would they NOT have done this a year or more ago?

We don't know why.

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What people fail to realize is that this is huge in regards to what Potus is doing. This is WORLD WIDE which means cooperation by other countries as well. He has to insert judges in the right places as well and that's not even complete yet. In this war there will be innocent lives lost unfortunately. There will also be warriors who will be sacrificed for this cause who we will be eternal grateful for. When this is all done, we will have a brighter future for mankind. Its not over but we are turning the corner.

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It wasn't time yet.

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The same reason General Flynn hasn't been exonerated yet ! Timing is everything.

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MAYBE the whitehats got wind of an attempt or plan on JA's life and had to get him out. Until this happened, he was safely holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. The embassy had probably become compromised.

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Yes. It has been compromised with hidden audio & video cameras on Assange's every move in that embassy by hackers in (Spain?) for blackmailing purposes. Press conf. on this yesterday.

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He probably wouldn't have made it out of the UK. Got caught up in an Aloha Snackbar incident or found dead in his cell.

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What's to say that won't happen to him now?

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Gore Vidal wrote a book called "Julian the Apostate". Julian in history was a Roman Emperor.



I wonder if there is a connection here.

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I hope so, but you can clearly hear Julian saying "resist this attempt by the Trump administration."

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So we are supposed to believe:

1) that President Trump quoted Wikileaks better than the Bible and relied on the info like he did, yet hates Assange,
2) that Assange gave the most solid Trump supporter in media, Sean Hannity an interview,
3) and that Assange is afraid of the President?

Yeah ... righhht .....

Assange is as afraid of President Trump as Brer Rabbit was of that brier-patch! If the Deep State believes that Trump or his surrogates will harm him perhaps Assange will be able to do the very thing we all want ... COME HERE.

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How did Potus publicly act towards Sessions??? It was all an act. Sessions laid out everything for Barr. Think.

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You're right about Hannity and the JA interviews. It's no secret where Hannity comes in on Assange and will listen to him on radio today for comments on the arrest. Hannity and Trump have been friends for a long time. He's not sitting at briefings but definitely in the loop and getting ahead of the news cycle with info coming from high up.

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Plus what better way to help JA have some sort of future. They want him dead now so if it all comes out in his trial and we lock them up he may have a little bit of life again when its over.

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The real question is: who does pam anderson work for

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"resist this attempt by the Trump administration."

And he's allowed to hold the Gore Vidal's book.


  1. the "resist" statement, and

  2. the book

The drama could be bait,

  1. To make the MSM present this to the masses;

  2. To draw the uninitiated lefty-normies into the narrative.

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agreed. excellent point.

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What is the significance of the book? A bit out of the loop.

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same way POTUS says (fill in the blank) is a GREAT GUY! but actually he thinks he's a turd.

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Could get for optics or maybe he doesn't know? I hope at least.

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I don't think so.

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Pretty obvious what is going on, and yet these guys will cheer our destruction every step of the way and claim it is part of the plan.

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^^found the shill

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you're stupid.

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