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The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital

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and failure will put 99% of us in the grave.

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Basically yes. We have a chance but time is short.

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Do we deserve to know the truth? Are we as a species capable of handling the truth. Is the truth worth telling?

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The truth is always worth telling and worth knowing, for those who wish to know.

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We need to stop killing each other

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They would try to poison/infect the water if the truth came out and kill 99% of the worlds population.

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Let it all out. In the worst case scenario, humanity ends. Blessed be?

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Yeah, that's bullshit. Maybe this whole thing is bullshit too, but that statement is for sure.

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You want answers?

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Of course

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It's time to tell us the truth. The only way forward is with honesty, otherwise this near human extinction event will repeat.

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Like when the reset button was pressed in the time of NOAH.

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Wasn't the first time

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We came >< Lots of dead Americans and this close to 3rd world status

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We changed to a different timeline. This one has better outcomes as part of the probability set. There is much work to be done.

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I don't think this is even the first time I've done this. I died in tidal wave in one and in a falling skyscraper in another (nice book store though) and I'm pretty sure at least once, maybe twice, I saw the moon completely destroyed.

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As a General Contractor (Yes a 4star general in my own little world) CHANGES AND TIMELINE I'm Q uite familiar with and the WORK!! https://youtu.be/TgecgpCfAYo?list=PLhBqvFTJCaGRJ3FXszs_7dpM12CufNL73 involved.

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He knows. We Are fighting for our lives. Disturbing rabbit hole, wide and deep.

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Anyone else want to know whats in the time capsule beneath the Denver airport that’s “for the people of Colorado in 2094”?

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Probably seeds for planting crops. These people built under the Rockies because they think it's one of the few places you could realistically survive a polar shift. I don't know if one is going to happen at this point but we were certainly on the trajectory for one and 2094 is a reasonable timeframe for rebuilding afterwards.

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Polar shift is happening now. Milky way is exiting a dust cloud in space referred to as a nebula which would have unknown effects on planet earth, our sun, and the entire milky way galaxy as a whole.

Natural EMPs may be on the rise, Im also beginning to think mechanical energy was primarily used by our ancient ancestors for a reason. Mechanical may be the only thing operational very soon.

Conspiracy-cap approved :)

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Examine the Denver murals, the time capsule is probably a weapon.

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Do tell.

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Oh, i don’t know. I’m just saying that I’m really curious what EXACTLY is in the “time capsule” since we already know there’s likely a bunker built beneath the airport.

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With all he's got.....

A few months ago he intimated one day he would tell how much this presidency has cost him.

I could not help but thinking: he is not only working and donating the money he is awarded for being president. He uses his influence and his money, to better the country.

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The end of the left needs to be decisive and swift. I am praying that the plan will soon come to fruition - the people have a right to know - I don't care how many wind up in the hospital because of it. The truth is the truth. Please let all that they have done in darkness be revealed in the light.

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Even so, Lord Jesus, Come!

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Jesus IS coming back! Amen!

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Jesus isn't coming back, at least not like you expect. We are going to have to figure this out for ourselves. Either we stop destroying our planet or we will be stopped from destroying our planet.

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God bless Donald J. Trump

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