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Shills. Apparently the DS is still up to their shit. Not only did they do a FF and kill people they also gloat about it with a mural.

DS satanic bastards.

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They want us replaced by 3rd world savages, cuck

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Blackhole sun is an Illuminati symbol.

So very obvious who directed this movie.

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Funny to some but just part of the NARRATIVE.

We're not saying multiculturalism works. We're not saying whites should be eradicated or that we should pretend that isn't happening.

We're saying you don't understand the full picture.

You don't understand that the technology to build all-white civilizations on other planets has been locked up for decades, and exposing the corruption that kept that from being available is what this movement is really about.

The Brenton Tarantino movie was just a scripted event to keep people trapped in the false global zionist reality.

That's why this shit doesn't fly here and gets downvoted.

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It's upvoated, conspiratard

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^ This ^

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He is not a good guy, nor is this nice. He's the ultimate fucking shill.

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Multicult doesn't work, cuck