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WOW! Bog rabbit hole, dude! Good find, thanks!


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'bog' = swamp



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So true! And "bog" spelled backwards is "gob", which is British slang for "mouth". The Spanish word for "mouth" is "boca". One of the best known bocas is Boca Raton, whose Representative is Democrat Ted Deutch, who shared IT staffer Imran Awan with Debbie Waserman Schultz (D - Weston). The servers maintained by Imran Awan are alleged to contain incriminating evidence that will help patriots destroy the Deep State and the Democratic Party. "Server" is synonymous with "waitress". Waitresses work hand-in-hand with bartenders, which is what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did for a living before successfully auditioning to represent New York's 14th congressional district. Ted Deutch's surname is one "S" shy of the German word for "German". Combined with the missing "T" in "SRIKE" vs "STRIKE" in Q posts 3109 and 3110, and removing one of each letter from "Deep State", we get "Deep ate". "P" and "B" are related letters making similar sounds. Replacing the "P" with a "B", we get "Deeb ate", or "debate", which POTUS may not participate in during the next election cycle if Fox News is excluded from hosting.