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Hey fellow Patriots, I don’t have enough points to make posts yet, but wanted to share the following link with you all. A few days ago in drop 3030 Q asked us to make memes for Trump’s 2 years of accomplishments and to spread them like wildfire using the hashtags Q provided in the drop. This Patriot spent hours turning every single one of Trump’s accomplishments over the last 2 years into 100’s of memes for us to save and share. Hope you find this useful!



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Fabulous work! ThankQ!

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Kick these niggers and kikes out of our GREAT COUNTRY out out out!

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No we just need to put a brand on deep state cunts like yourself so you won't ever be allowed back in.

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Awesome job. Don't forget that he cut a deal to sell rice to freaking China!

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Its almost like all these pedophiles are in a big club together. How intredasting.

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Podesta hears the war drums coming for him. It is desperation time for him and everyone associated with him. I'm sure he was in NZ in order to see if the Five Eyes can share anything about what's coming next and how best to play a countermove.

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I'm personally looking forward to his execution the most. Skippy, I hope you find Jesus before the gallows.

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I don't. He should burn for eternity.

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I'm pretty sure he won't, He'll go out defiant the the demon-possessed heartless monster that he is. Hope the execution is slow where he feels every minute of it.

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Also tied to Justin Trudeau via the Bronfman connection.

NXIVM investigation will be very telling.

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They were also neighbors with a Goldman Sachs company:

  • Executive Housing & Properties(corporation now inactive, CEO Nancy Salzman) was registered to 455 New Karner Road, Albany, NY - same address for NXIVM headquarters.
  • Executive Success Programs, Inc was registered to 455 New Karner Road, Albany, NY & is also registered to 5 Southside Dr #11, Clifton Park, NY.

google maps: 455 New Karner Road, Albany, NY (+zoom)

  • Ayco, A Goldman Sachs Company.

https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=917119 | https://archive.is/6gUYI

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Board of directors http://archive.fo/n6H1g

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hummm ... haven't heard or seen anything of those evil vile brothers lately ... have u ?!

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John Podesta was in New Zealand. He got there just prior to the shooting.

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And you know that how?

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