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Trump doesn't fuck around. Obama the pussy came at a man that grew up in NYC and has dealt with the mob and NY unions his entire Professional life.

Obama's fucked.

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On your last comment...I think Michael was in charge of that. However, POTUS will do it to him sideways and every which way. I pray POTUS parades him out in front of the Nation and makes the Kenyan Usurper admit he is a FRAUD. Fake Birth Certif., Fake college, Fake wife, fake kids, FAKE President, Fake Life.

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And he dealt with the steamy modeling industry and television and wrestling. After all that, he’s got to be meaner than a junkyard dog.

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Brainwashed: "He's mean to people" Me: "How does that compare to these fuckers that are killing/raping children?"

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NYC vs Chi. Sorry, Chi.

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Sorry NYC & Chi, TEXAS...

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I'm sure Barry hardened himself in those Chicago bath houses.

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Worse than watergate--how is he still walking around free? Oh yeah, we have a massively corrupt system that he himself set in place...

Well...more than one way to stop a buck. The plan was the peaceful way.

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Watergate was child’s play.

And, besides, folks forget that it started with the dems planting a mole inside the Rep campaign headquarters.

Watergate was about these “plumbers” who broke in. Folks forget that they were called plumbers because they were going to fix the “leak”.

Sounds a lot like 2016 DNC email “leak” a copycat.

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Rumor has it that Watergate was actually Pedogate. HRC was in the midst of it and ended up with the prize blackmail files, which is what fueled the Clinton machine's climb.

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Yeah exactly, and Nixon was basically crucified for it...he would have been successfully impeached and charged with a crime. He resigned, and Ford pardoned him.

What Obama did was 1000x worse. He's been out of office for 2 years with no pardon in sight, and he's still walking around doing even more damage.

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I don't know, but suspect the missile shot at AF1 would've had to have been ordered by the top end. Heck, just getting a missile available for something like that requires unique authorities along the path. Same for the traps set in the Oval Office and around the White House for Trump. Were I him, I'd be totally P.O.'d by now. You've got to know Zero holds a special place in whatever is planned.

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I would love to see him hang from a rope and dangle

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I want them all lined up in a neat row, dangling, with their eyes bugged out, and TRAITOR branded on their foreheads before hanging.

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I want them to be made to get on MSM and admit to the American people everything they have done. If the liberals and lovers of these people don't hear it straight from their mouths, it won't be believable, and then there will still be those who refuse to admit it. AND they will still blame Trump..I want to hear it from them!!!!! and then off to Gitmo!!!!

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Freedom boners from sea to shining sea

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Please don’t forget that you’re talking about an ex-president and the FBI (even patriots/non deepstate) do monitor posts like this. I think he’s guilty of treason as well but let’s let the rule of law sort that out.

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I still remember listening to shortwave the day Romania had enough.

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Yes — how soon we forget the Obama 9.

They think they are untouchable as they try to gain control of $61 Trillion.

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Posts like this set people up with expectations and when not delivered are disappointed. Thumbs down.

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Dunno about military tribunals and how they operate, but usually you go after the small fish, and work your way up as people sing to save their own ass.

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Do you think Trump is going to play the usual?

Sometimes, starting at the top will make the whole quickly fall to pieces. As long as HRC, BHO, JB, JC, JC, SR, DWS, AM are unscathed, the small fish will cling to hope that they are protected. In this case (apparent treason by an organized team) you need to get Al Capone, first.

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I sure hope you're right. I'm drawing a blank on SR.

Also DiFi, NP, CS, Schitt, Lynch, VJ, and Holder all come to mind.

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You're assuming the small fish are strong enough to keep hope.

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Is it true he wet himself when presented with the evidence against him?

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