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Think about this - If they were too stupid to get accepted without using bribes, then they were probably too stupid to pass their classes, right?

Maybe this is more evidence that these "elite colleges" are just diploma mills for the rich, the influential, and the Jews.

(Yes I brought the Jews into this, because they're overrepresented at these elite colleges, and they aren't being admitted based on merit either.)

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I bet some of these kids actually got scholarships... then I started thinking of all the black athletes in college. I worked in LA with a lot of jews many from Harvard, Stanford etc and they really were not intelligent. Now the Asians were really smart... I bet A LOT of Asians that deserved to be in these colleges were denied for the jews/hollywood.

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Remember Trump telling us all that we are the elite and those people aren’t but think they are? He was right. The good people of the world are the elite. How can you be elite if you give into pathetic evil on a regular basis? Sad.

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I’ve heard many a story of incompetent Ivy League brats, this is just proof.

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The ivy league schools are all just about contacts anyways.

Get in, breeze through classes, get everyone in your school on facebook and linkedin, and you're set for life.

Need a new job or a business deal? Hit your list.

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That's what's less than satisfying about this. Obama and Bush don't have to bribe anyone. The fix is automatic. That really needs to change too.

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Now the MF'ers are going to start shitting. They thought they were untouchable. Also the scope of these FBI investigations will probably broaden substantially

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When you start really thinking about this, it's a pretty big issue... did ANY of these kids get scholarships? Does this happen with athletes... Can kids who were denied admittance now sue? What else was the "charity" the parents donated to involved in? We are only scratching the surface here... theory this was discovered accidentally through the NXIVM case.

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Right!!!! It’s like a domino effect. This is huge. So much for these hypocrites criticizing our President! Look how much money the Maga teen is asking for his harassment and know that all of these players may face similar type lawsuits! Like to see it! Popcorn 🍿 please!

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Makes me come full circle and think of the NFL now that you mention athletes.

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These college degrees have become essentially titles of nobility against Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the constitution. The whitehats need to start influencing employers away from having college degrees towards more skills based assessments to weed these scum out.

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I am with you - pretty sure it was NXIVM or Clinton Foundation.

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I can imagine this could touch just about every really wealthy family out there. We all know, it takes outstanding academic achievement to honestly get into many of these schools, most of these celebrities are low IQ high school dropouts. Pretty, yes, smart, no.

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RICO Baby!!!

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Wanna bet they'll finally make good on their promises to gtfo?

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Turns out it was a typo and should have been gtmo ;)

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Awakening to the secret societies. Weve known shit like this has been going on... there is a club full of perks, and we aint fuckin in it.

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"and we aint fuckin in it" ... And thank God for that!

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Preach that!

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As for the working class... my daughter worked hard as an undergraduate at a public state school and earned over 17 scholarships. She interned at John's Hopkins and then was accepted at Rice university into a PhD program. She tells me how spoon fed the liberal rich kids are there. The poor kids far outperform the spoiled rich kids.

I sent her the link to the ACT and SAT scandal. She of course is quite upset about it. We have students that WANT to learn and then we have the rich spoiled brats. Two different rules in America must end. No special privileges for the elite.

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Careful about too many details while bragging about your kids online. Trick is to lie just enough that no one can use the fact pattern to isolate and identify.

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Fuck em. Who cares? I hope they send a hit squad. I've got a backhoe.

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In my daughter's college, we were surprised by the number of group projects. My daughter had to do the work for 4 or 5 others on every project. Both the well off kids and the kids who should never have been admitted to the program due to their inability to even grasp the basic skills were depending on her. Even testing was done as a group.

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YES! YES! YES!!! Right a handful 33 was the first count (which a Illuminati number btw) of Hollywood stars involved. This sounds like low hanging fruit. No one is screaming this is targeting the wealthy. They should because as you say, this is the tip of the iceberg and the fact that they aren’t denying it means they’re unable to or unwilling. So they’re the sacrifice like Weinstein but this will undue them because it’s only the beginning.

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They arent denying it because you can bet your ass the media's kids are getting the same benefits.


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Oh so obvious!!!!

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I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that this story drops at the same time the Lisa Page transcripts were released. I’m glad this elitist bullshit is being exposed (and might win some people back to the side of meritocracy) but let’s not kid ourselves - most of the major news outlets are covering this instead of Lisa Page’s transcript.

Fuck Hollywood nepotism but let’s not overlook the fact that she implicated OBAMA. That’s bigger news in the grand scheme of things. His role in the wiretapping FISA scandal has only been hinted at up until now. Don’t let them distract the fence sitters from this.

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I agree with you. We need to keep our eye on both prizes: The swamp being drained, and Hollywood exposed

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Okay, who is Lisa Page and how is that related?

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Lori Loughlin is accused of a $500,000 bribe on behalf of her daughter - to get her onto an elite sports team at USC (even though her daughter didn't have the background experience).

She has an acting role as an actress on the Hallmark television show When Calls The Hart. This is THE top rated show that Hallmark produces. Loughlin acts in the show and has a hand in its production.

Of course she's an actress that has other roles with shows on ABC. However, it's the Hallmark role that is going to amount to a severe body blow for the fan base of Hallmark and that TV show.

If you were to ever watch the show you would see why. The character that Loughlin plays is the iconic standard for integrity and virtue. Naturally people tend to kind of think that the actors involved in a show like this that exudes the kind of values that it does would probably be pretty decent people themselves in real life. And the cast often does interviews where they connect with the audience fan base and that persona exudes in those appearances.

Am saying that Loughlin's arrest in this scandal - and that she would dropping a whopping $500,000 just to enhance the prestige opportunities for her daughter at university - that is going to be a major blow to the psyche.

Folks, this is just a tiny microcosm of what will be coming as the treasonous sedition and perversion crimes come out.

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Felicity Huffman won the GOLDEN GLOBE for her role as a TRANSGENDER in the film TransAmerica in 2005... A HARVEY WEINSTEIN FILM... Tell me this is ALL just one big coincidence.

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Wonder how she got that role?

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Exposing her and showing the Hallmark viewers what she's really about may be to slowly start opening their eyes with a seed planted to prevent full-on mental rejection of the "bigger picture" to come when more iconic people start being charged.

Your comments make me think of Q3041, "The unsealing of the first several indictments will bring about 'unity' and 'change' - 'change' that 'we' can believe in."

While these indictments may or may not be the ones that Q is referring to, there is always a possibility that they may be SOME of the first indictments being referred too.

Q has indicated that a small percentage will never awaken. BUT, for the others still sleeping, instead of waking them up hard, it would be easier to wake them in stages in order to turn them into strong PATRIOTS much more quickly.

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Exactly. These people are LIARS and NOT what they appear to be. Their fans are in for a rude awakening!

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So - of course the predictable response has been from the CRASS-and-STrike brothers --- oooooh Jared Kushner's daddy did this for him!! So watch for that. Well, we all KNOW that the Saudis paid millions to Harvard and Columbia to get Obhozo into college. Yet Wayne Allen Root was supposedly a classmate of Obama and never saw him in class. IT'S ALL MAKING SENSE NOW!

Hmmm just occurred to me -- do you think this whole thing is a precursor to that little Obama scandal? He was no genius at Punahou School in Hawaii. He was part of the Choom Gang (stoners, drug dealers), he went to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport with his gay lover back when the US was not allowing travel to Pakistan on a US Passport. He comes back. Is miraculously accepted into an Ivy League school. Classmates don't remember seeing him there. He is later advertised as a "Professor of Law" when in fact he was actually more of an assistant to the Professor (part of the whole scam?) He never holds a Real Job - and is a "community activist" (read: Alinsky propaganda artist.) prior to winning a Senate Seat -- oh and he exposed secret information from sealed court documents to expose and blackmail his opponent in Chicago prior to winning that Senate seat.

Did I leave anything out??? Methinks the above is all connected to this College Scam investigation ... 1) Expose the scam; 2) Expose the players; 3) piss off the majority of hard working Americans, esp students with high student loan debt; 4) Mention - OH! BTW, your beloved ex-President, Lord and Savior Barry Hussein Soetero Obama was one of the recipients of this Scam as well. BOOOOOOM!

ya think?

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