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it really is hilarious to watch just how much this thing bothers them. Because It's hard to control the narrative when people can comment on the narrative from a third person perspective.

Dissenter is downright disastrous for them. It skips right past their "wrong thing" filters.

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I love it - fuck them

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Time to dust off the old URL bar and see if I can remember how to spell C...N....N

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BBC pidgin

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Saw this on another post - C...N...N...P...C

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Take the fight to Wikipedia, politicians and journalists: https://voat.co/v/Dissenter

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It also does the opposite thing that platforms like Google and Facebook try to do. They try to keep you locked in to one platform and keep you on one site for as long as possible, whereas Dissenter allows you to roam free.

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I think it's why this website is so slow the last couple days. It's hilarious fun dropping red pills all over random websites. You know those cuck faggots want to know what people are really saying about their shit and then Reeeeeing that they can't do anything about it. I like to think that a Jew angel necks himself every time I leave a comment.

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Im only allowed 1 up vote, otherwise id give you a bunch! Kek!

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Gave him one of mine, from you :)

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nice reddit-tier post, faggot

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As I understand it, you need an add-on for the browser to comment and only people with this add-on will see the comments. How is this going to red pill normies, they hardly know what Gab is, let alone Dissenter?

Nott dissing, just wondering.

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Nah, you can just go directly to the website. For example, you can take the URL for this page and go over to Dissenter and past it in and make a comment on this page. So if you own a blog or whatever and want to see if anyone has commented on your shit, you just paste your URL into Dissenter.

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I think the OP is specifically REEEEEEEEEEfering to the outrage crowds. They will be forced to get Gab to see what OP is saying about them so they can be out RaEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEged.

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Just like red pilling, I guess we have to get anyone/everyone that wants true free speech to get the plugin and join in. Look at Facebook, who hasn't tried it?

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Isn't it great, in order for them to even know what's being said they have to use the tool themselves. Talk about using their strategies against them. Now all shills have to install a tool of free speech and as such show support for it, just to shill, and just to even see what's being said freekin genius.

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You don't have to install anything to us Dissenter, just copy any url into search and it will show you what Dissenters have said for that webpage.

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Love the idea, but it is a echo chamber. Nomies are not signed up. Dissenter takes your comments and safely tucks them away from snowflake eyes. Nobody is going to get anywhere near a red pill on Dissenter, because they aren't there. It may be fun and insightful to see MSM articles ripped apart, but it is just mental masturbation. Red pills have to be handed out gently on sights where snowflakes live.

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Normies are using it. I think a lot of people haven't gone there yet. I don't think people realize yet how it works.

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I am on gab so I got the notices too.

Took me a while to realize why it was an addon, then I realized how brilliant it was.

They can't control who or what is said about them and their 'content' anymore.

I've been wondering when the 'shit would get real', I guess its here.

Thanks for the news. Happy day. Give em hell Anons.

I'll be there. I cant wait to leave shit all over hillary's pages.

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Same, on dissenter AND gab. Would be better if there were more than 2 comments on all the sites I visit. I get it, push dissenter on voat, push it hard. I’ve seen at least 10 threads on it the past 7 days. I hope this isn’t becoming a regular thing, voat gets it, voat sees dissenter, voat is probably already ON dissenter, we’re not going to send your user base to 10K gab, we’re trying too though.

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It should be possible do do this without a browser addon. Like you could use an embedded frame or something. They should support a method along those lines as well.

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If they had to pipe it through their site into a frame, they'd just block their servers.

Since it's a part of the browser, it cant be stopped.

I do agree the current panel sucks, I wish it were an embedded panel or something.

It also double/triple posts and doesnt update in realtime.

They could use clientside java to open the site, but still needs a better window.

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It really isn't because that would require control of the site's markup.

The only non-plugin option I see would be to go to a page on Dissenter which has an iframe, then navigate within that iframe. Plugins are better.

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you can go to dissenter.com directly and paste the llink of the site you want to comment to. no add-on required. but you need a GAb account.

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Dissenter is such a genius idea - the first original one I have seen in a long time. And one that promotes freedom instead of the standard tech giant grab for private information to sell to the highest bidder or be used to squelch free speech...

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Because we are the news now.

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So this creates a comment section but its not on the actual webpage. One needs to be a Dissenter member to see the comments. If one is not a member they cannot see them, the general public for example.

.... Other then going to Dissenter.com and reading them there.

Do I got that right?

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That is the state it is in right now.

But imagine if 80% of the internet used it ... it would be game over for those who want to prevent free speech.

It has that potential and promoting it is how it will get there.

I use it as a plugin on Chrome ... every page is just one click to see comments.

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I like it but why would I possibly need to be logged in to see comments?

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No, you need to be a Gab member with the Dissenter web browser plugin.

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Plug In....just like Timothy Leary, "turn on, tune in, and drop out" of the MSM of course.

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Yeah that what i dont get. Only the people with dissenter see the comments. Why would anyone care what someone says on there if they dont even see it. I bet 90% of the internet has never even heard of dissenter

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900k found out about it yesterday on the Rogan Experience because chat is always disabled on his live-streams.

The dissenter comment thread was epic. @Jack was getting crushed by Pool.

Gab announced a live chat addition to Dissenter in the comment thread.

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yes, it's very similar to what crit.org tried to do decades ago, which was a project of the foresight institute (nanotech).

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It’s addicting!

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How do you sign up for Dissenter?

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You need a gab.ai account which means an email or phone number for registraton. That's why I passed on it.

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I don't think I had to sign into anything. Just download the extension and follow the install instructions.

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you can create an anonymous email account with protonmail.com and I could register with Captcha instead of phone number, but only on my firefox browser, not Tor and I also had VPN disabled

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I just used an email forwarder, which I can delete at any time.

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