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Rudy Contreras. He’s the one who recused himself.

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Yep, the same FISA judge Strzok told Page he was going to setup a dinner party with so he could talk to him.....

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Speaking of collusion...who else was there on that date? Hail hail the gangs all here. Notice the time is from midnight to midnight. No specific time. Other olayers who we know were involved so finding them on the list for that date would determine the exact times. Maybe.

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And you thought the Obama library was to “preserve” those records for posterity....hahahahaha. Yeah, right! Just like good old Hillary did with the shredding of the Rose Law firm docs!
Thank God Q said that they “have everything”!

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I find it extremely heartening that the efforts to build Hussein's monument to himself is being blocked by a lawsuit by citizens of Chicago themselves. That disgusting building is not even a presidential library as no actual records are to be kept there. This means - no taxpayer funding. Who the hell is paying for that ugly building? Have you seen the mock up? It is horrendous much like Hussein and Moochelle's portraits hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

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the Obama library artists render looks like a pyramid. "we wuz kangz"

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Also good ol Bill's taxpayer funded library in AK is actually his haven for lovin.

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Bill has a taxpayer funded library in Alaska?

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Berry is thankful he had the insight to pardon himself!

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POTUS had the docs seized. I believe there are white hats holding up the Hussein Libraray in Shitcago. I believe there is nothing to go into the library other than dick pics from Mike lol

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BO and Michael's odd bump for a female. (?) They both lied & misrepresented Themselves.(fraud) They were Trying to shread our Constitution

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With full cooperation of the MSM.

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good one

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We've known this. . . Problem is nobody else does and nothing has happened about it. We're waiting. . .

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Maybe you knew it, but I had thought Hussein's order was indirect and and that he'd covered his rump with plausible deniability. So for me, it was Snoopy Happy Dance time when I read that.
(Believe me, you do not want to be near a green frog that's Happy Dancing; please stick with the Snoopy visual.)

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you are so patient.

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I wanna know what role Justice Roberts played in this whole thing.

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Roberts is compromised. He's being blackmailed.

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I saw he had a lot of money in the Vatican bank, along with other DS ops. I think he is just dirty.

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Sometimes I think we really need to bring back hangings in the public square. It used to be a deterrent to those who would do harm. Broadcast the events on CSPAN!

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Just saw a video on the topic of canniablism and HRC. The history supposedly is that at public executions, people came to get the ‘first blood’. Who knows, maybe the Dems may aquire a taste for public executions if you know what I mean.

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I wanna know who the fisa court judge was that met hussein in the WH.

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Did I read that right? a 24 hour meeting? (in at 12:00 out at 23:59)

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Oh, Contreras! au contraire!   That's perfect! ♥

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It was Richard Tallman from the 9th circuit, an anon already crossed the WH visitor logs against FISC judges. Contreras was the FBI's rook, Tallman was the WH. Claims to be Republican, but looks like a pederast!

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Or could it be John Roberts?

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Roberts I believe over saw the FISA Courts...at some point there was involvement with him. RUDDY CONTRERAS IS THE ONE

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The public will need to see proof of that, Q.

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Rudy Contreras! He’s the one who had to recuse himself. Strozk’s buddy. Thanks Anons!

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The public isn't going to care. They will say the ends justified the means.

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The public does care. That's why we have President Trump. Let some light into your darkness.

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If they say that then they're Communists, and Communists are illegal by definition as being members of a coordinated campaign of subversion against the United States.

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already happening...the mantra of the left top down

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"let's land on that big green rock"

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