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The greatest threat to our freedom arises from our mainstream press having squandered its credibility by its transparent and relentlessly dishonest alignment with the socialist left, nearly fully transitioning from Fourth Estate to Fifth Column.

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Exactly. The media should no longer be viewed as the Fourth Estate. It should no longer be granted access or certain privileges under the 1st Amendment. When opinion becomes reported fact, it is no longer retains its impartiality or objectivity and therefore, is no longer news reporting - it's viewer/reader manipulation. It is no different than bloggers and even less credible because most bloggers - left or right - aren't being fueled and directed by some shadowy higher organization.

I don't mind some Leftist blogger - he/she has every right to speak their minds just as those on the right do. It is their right to be as persuasive and put their opinions in the public square for consideration. The Leftist blogger doesn't hide the fact that he/she is a Leftist and doesn't pretend to be objective nor has any special privileges because of it.

Unfortunately, the media has become nothing more than entertainment for the Left and a visual field manual for the Left - the not-so-secret line of thought for all Leftists to parrot. As such, they should no longer be allowed special access to events that the common citizen is denied.

We no longer have a free press - it's just that simple. It needs to be reclassified as entertainment at best, and should be required to post a warning before every broadcast that it contains false and sometimes seditious content.

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I would not worry too much about that, the MSM and Hollywood have long been used to hide evil in plain sight.

Why is it just coming out now that Michael Jackson was a dedicated pedophile?

Somehow he got enough of a blanket to cover is evil.

The MSM is Satan's blanket used to hide his evil.

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What I have heard is that he was protecting children ... is there any evidence of him actually diddling kids ? Is it possIble he knew about the horrors of the Fame, Inc and set up his ranch as safe space ? I have made Whacko Jacko jokes my whole life, I am sincerely asking if anyone else has heard this .... no dog in the fight.

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MJ's pedo cases were all over the MSM? MJ tried to get out of the machine and buy all of his music. He called Sony Satan. His lyrics were about jews. MJ was an enemy of MSM/Hollywood machine.

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Coming out now? I mean we know... But you're staying the MSM and normies are discussing that? Huh?

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Funny, Congress has never gotten to the bottom of anything. They couldn't find the bottom of an empty bucket.

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Unless the bucket was full of cash. They would empty it in no time

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So true. Congress hearings = propaganda.

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and frustrating.

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What was the point of the two year investigation by Mueller then?

$40+million laundered to The Resistance, for one.

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Mueller was the vacumn cleaner meant to hide all the evidence against Obama.

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To keep attention off of Clinton/Obama so they don't go to prison.

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always need an enemy to rally against, domestic or foreign

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Or someone to feel sorry for.

Anything to allocate taxpayer money that can be easily laundered to corrupt traitors and seditious conspirators.

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Two years is two years, obstruct, obfuscate, derail, resist we much! Thing the Enemy didn't expect was that POTUS, Q+++, actually had a plan for the obfuscations and accommodated them in the schedules. A good business plan is like that, a military plan even more so...anticipate challenges and be prepared to meet them as they arise, even scheduling in alloted time segments to deal with them....countdown 'holds' as it were.

Mueller also served a purpose in Trump's favor, in America's favor. By allowing him to roll along looking under every rock and in every hole Trump shows he is clean and unbiased, and the very nature of Mueller's investigations highlight crimes by the Enemy, hillary and Deep State actors. Was Mueller investigating Russian collusion...well look at who DID collude, huh.

Now when the real investigations begin, or more correctly when they are made public, no one may complain because Trump let the obvious witch hunt go on and on.

Nadler and Waters, all the usual bad actors are gonna try, sure, the Enemy knows they stand in mortal danger now. It took them two years but now they know this fight is at their door, they see their danger.

Nothing can stop it now.

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At the end of the day I'd really like to have Mueller's investigation part of the gitmo treason trials, but I'm not hopeful on that. I fear that Mueller was there to cover up the bad deeds and Destroy evidence. Time will tell

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I think going in Mueller may have had such thoughts, clean it all up for the Deep State. If he did any such tampering his fate is sealed, we will have that too.

Can you imagine his old fren Bob Barr looking him in the eyes and saying, ' You know Trump has it all, right?'

Or Mueller may have played it straight, I doubt it based on his past history of being a Rat, but we will see soon enough, now.

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Look at all the DOJ phones he wiped. Let’s talk about obstruction for Hillary’s fixer Mueller. Let’s talk about stonetear asking for obstruction advice on fukkn reddit.

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Dems just need a way to launder money to themselves, congress has no prosecutorial power and if they attempt impeachment, we'll have a constitutional showdown or a civil war.

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Career politicians have never squirmed so violently as they do under Trump. Best proof Trump is the one. May all their crimes come to the surface asap, so they can be taken out once and for all.

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It's like there is a conspiracy or something.

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Hmm, you MIGHT be right..... Nah, couldn’t be.... /s

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While an ongoing Deep State coup d’état seeks to remove President Donald Trump from office first by BHO / HRC / FBI / DOJ / CIA / MSM, then by Uncle Muller, and third by a Marxist Congress; We the good people are doing what? Is there a plan patriots? Why do true Americans allow this soft coup d’état when WE put this man in office? What is our strategy?

You know I had a horse in my younger days, a beautiful 2 yr old black stallion. My mission was to "gentle' it. But he was wild and a bit crazy. That stallion would do anything to get free, including hurting himself and me to get his way. No matter how much I tried to bring him into a loving family, it was going to be his way or no way. I know a lot of you may not have had the privilege of training a wild powerful animal, but it teaches one a great deal. What makes Trump and Q think they can remove this evil? If the deep state elites think they are going down, make no mistake, they will take as many of us as they can. I do not understand why we conservatives remain passive knowing what we know? If this is WAR then act like it.

What happened to the black stallion? He ran full speed ahead off of a cliff with a rider who thought he could master him. They both died.

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