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Are you kidding? The circus hearings will go on and on and on and on for the next 2 years.

Trump either drops the hammer now, or he loses in 2020.

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I agree, Q+++ has approx 1 year left to get some major doings done. After that the coming election will cause everything to seize up, obstructions and obfuscations will multiply, RESIST we much will manifest hugely, and he will have lost many of us here now.

I can get this kind of shiite from any stinking politician, ya know?

We'll know civil war if Trump fails, but even that would be considered a win by the enemy.

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I think all along there has only ever been one viable window for Q/+ to drop the hammer. Too early or too late and you have problems. There’s a narrow window during presidential primary season where he could decimate the dems and leave the party in total disarray right up until elections. Let’s say they dropped the hammer long before primary season, that gives the dems and MSM tons of time to regain footing, and reshape the narrative with fresh faces. Do it too late, like an October surprise, and you risk it blowing up in your face as dem voters dig in their heels to protect themselves and the party from something that looks like dirty politics instead of justice.

I believe that the goal from the beginning has been to drop the hammer sometime in primary season and for things to get progressively worse through a steady drip of revelations right up until the general election. I think this has been the plan to insure 8 years.

Think about it this way, while Russia Russia Russia was in the news cycle, dem operatives have had 4 years to strategize a 2020 win. I expect that we will see some very creative political games, hit pieces, new revelations about the trump family, etc come election season. These people have been playing this game for a very long time. They are evil and will not go down without a fight. For us this is about justice, for them it’s about survival.

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... even that would be considered a win by the enemy

Not if they're dead.

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Hammers dropped or not, Trump is doing really well for your average American. No chance he loses 2020 to one of the dems

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I agree and the Dems are self destructing and going far left.

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If there are no arrests before 2020, then I'm staying home and not voting. I sure hope you have enough independent voters to win the election. Fuck Q and Fuck Trump. Arrests or GTFO. That's the only thing that matters.

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You're more optimistic than me. I don't think the circus will ever stop until the cabal of crooked politicians is dismantled and removed, then we have to scale back the government.

Option 1 is using law and order to remove them peacefully (relative to #2 or #3). This probably has the best hope of international success.

Option 2 is either a civil war or a yellow jacket revolt occurs and patriots target the cabal for removal (death, arrest by citizens, etc.). Hopefully a plan can be executed quickly enough (i.e. remove them simultaneously) to prevent a power grab.

Option 3 is that a long, bloody, messy civil war eventually kills or ruins the cabal. The cabal will use this for a power grab.

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People, esp sheeple forget easily. I think that dropping the big bomb 1 year before the election would work best.

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So, let the kids continue to be raped and killed, and later (when it's politically advantageous) we'll arrest the monsters who are doing it to them? What's the big deal, right? The've been getting raped and killed for years, what's a few more months?

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Hope you're right, but I'm still not holding my breath. When someone actually gets arrested then I'll believe it.

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This exactly.

Until even one person actually gets held accountable for their criminal actions, it's just more bullshit.

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^This is starting to get uttered more than muh Russia by the mainstream. Yawn. We get it you're frustrated but it's not your timeline and most real Patriots are fucking tired of all the pussies here that keep tugging at the plug in the bottom of the boat because they've given up hope.

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Yet you are here. Bot.

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No. People here have been thinking that a big hammer will come crashing down on the dems for 2 years now.

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"Politics" shouldn't be a career. It should be a service to your country.

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I don't think the hammer will ever drop. We seem to "think" too much.

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People say this EVERY time something happens. For 2+ years now. Every time the MSM/democrats/socialists do something stupid, people jump up and say, "THIS IS IT. This is the hammer. This is the turning point" ........... and 2 days later everything is forgotten.


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Are we still hanging our hats on 'Declas' .. Really?

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I don't think he will do the Declas until after all the people he knows, knows where the bio-chemical bombs are Arrested, or he is able to find them all himself, we had heard he got the one in Las Vegas, but I believe a Anon on 8chan said their were 3 more to find.

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Basement of the Alamo is the 2nd. Read it on the Chans.

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Why the fuck you listenjnf to some anon on 8ch

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There cannot be any compromise, compromise means defeat.

However the max impact will be achieved the closer things are to the elections. and the clean-up of the registration/voter/election fraud mess is just getting off the ground.

I think things will start in earnest after the DECLAS, But we will be kept in suspense on a lot of things that will comeout for max impact closer to the elections.

What a drama. Rivetting and we will be on nthe edge of our seats for a while, IMO.

Lots of big stuff to come, world-wide.

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