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I hope the Senate votes down the boarder wall, and Trump vetoes it live on TV and internet and tells the American people he stands with them!

The wall is a statement to the globalist and it says FUCK YOU!

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And then we primary every Senator who voted against it. Starting with Tillis.

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I'm outta NC. Tillis=RINO...I emailed him to say "Support Americas duly elected Republican President" or get UN-elected. I also asked him WHO bought him off? Who is he AFRAID of? Who is blackmailing him? What did he do to be able to be compromised?

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It's a border wall. (A boarder is someone who boards - e.g. boards a ship.) I guess you could call it an "anti-boarder" wall. <grin>

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or a boarder could be a non-family member who lives with you and pays for their rent and food.

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Can Killary and Obama be boarders in Gitmo? lol

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Or a skate or snowboarder too! 👍

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2 different words. Like word or ward.

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These booms continue I will need to get earplugs... NOT... NO seatbelts, no helmet, no earplugs.... NOT for this red-neck hippy I am going to ENJOY this RIDE; BOOMS and all. God Bless Team Trump as they deliver us from EVIL with Q on intel sharing

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Great find, Patriot! Thanks so much for sharing - it put a smile on my face. =-)

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“Familiar with his thinking”? Seriously? That’s a step above “knows who the person is”.

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I caught that too, but in this case that line was likely used to discredit not bolster the story.

We all know the funding was locked down months ago.

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Basically they just fucking made it up.

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POTUS: "The wall is already being built". End of story.

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They are ALREADY using Military funds and is a rounding error by comparison on a $1.416T budget. Think Red Castle Green Castle.

Come on, people... This $3.6B is all a part of the facade GEOTUS and Co are using to get done what needs done and the VAST MAJORITY of Americans want done. Stop the madness....

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Thank God the entire government isn't the swamp.

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It was...and MANY still there.

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Oh I know...it's littered with vermin. It's just nice to see ONE person who isn't utter filth (presumably).

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I'm going to predict R.I.P. Secretary Shanahan. He should not have stated this until it was done.

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