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Australia here. WWG1WGA.

I’ll buy all you buggers a cold beer once these bastards are all hanging and we’ve got our planet back.

Trump is THE MAN!

Spread the love.

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Greetings from North Carolina! Always liked a cold beer! Love back at you anon!!!

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NC here. Wwg1wga

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South Carolina here! Hallo, Anons! :)

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"Crack a tinny" for me.

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It’s a real American that says what state they’re from first. Virginia here. ;) Used to live north of Charlotte though.

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There are good ships

There are wood ships

There are ships that sail the seas

The best ships - are friendships...

May they always be.

I will look forward to that beer - and that beer’s mates

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As long as its one of those over-sized "Fosters, Australian for Beer" Those any good btw?

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Australians generally don't really drink Fosters. We ship it overseas and keep the good stuff for ourselves :)

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we will all have to try beers from all over then when were all trashed....its all good

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No, they are not.

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Greetings..........................: ))

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Denmark here - good evening!

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G’day patriot.

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MAGA thanks, EuropeAnon. We love him as well! Once POTUS cleans up America, have no worries. He will not stop until the Deep State is cleansed worldwide. It is the only way this will all work. He & Putin (who we in America were always taught to hate) are determined to eradicate the filth; I wouldn't want to go up against those two.

Once your corrupt governments are cleansed, please do yourselves & all of us a favor & get your right to defend yourselves with firearms. The US would have been in as much trouble as other countries if our populace was unarmed. Don't believe the narrative that guns make you less safe. Our cities with the most strict gun laws, like Chicago, Baltimore & DC, are all the ones with the highest crime rates by far - and skew our numbers. Politicians know that no guns mean more control for themselves & the criminals. Cannot stress this enough.

Stay strong. We can do this. We are united with patriots worldwide. And God Bless President Trump - the man is incredible and surely blessed by the Almighty.

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The cry must be: 'To Arm/s'. Never give an inch to those Demonrats....insidious and determined to destroy they are

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No quarter given and none taken

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Cheers from So. CAL. Pray every day for Trump, Patriots and the World. A new Day is coming ! WWG1WGA

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I thank you from stateside. I really admire our president however most people i know are so brainwashed that trump is an abomination. Its insane. I never cared one bit about polotics, then one day i looked into the big question of why? Why dies everbody hate trump. The more i lookwd into him tbe more my sense of American pride began to swell. Every time he speaks, if you listen, is truth. He is what it means to be American. Im full of patriot pride thanks yo this great man. There is only 3 other presidents that are truly amazing as he. Lincoln, kennedy, Reagan god bless america. When he has fixed america the rest of the world is on this list. M.A.G.A. and then M.E.G.A .

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My old Dad said about 'blindness'; ''There's none so blind as those who WILL NOT see'. Thanks : )

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Agreed. 100% except Maduro. ? Not sure of the whole real story. Much mis info flying around. Maybe he is the good guy? Hard to tell fromThe US. Our President is playing 5D chess so we may not not know what's up until it matters. Best wishes to a great country. I trust our leader. Wwg1wga

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Makeit the Queen B herself ....Killary Klinton..................plus her chorusline Then Macaroony with French Cheese Frothy Merkel Junkers and his Sickopants......................................the list goes on and on ; )) Time to restore the Colosseum......with the very last EU grant......A live performance of A Comedy of Errors ........with the Queen from Alice in Wland as Judge/Caesar : )) ''Off with their heads...Off with their heads'' : ))

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How about Merkel, May and Macron?

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Hello there to you from the east coast of USA!!!

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Found the Yankee! Didn’t say which state huh?

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We raise the Banners.....................they will be seen from your lofty heights : )

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Ja, stimmt! Danke!!!! WWG1WGAWW

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Während des Kriegs wurde mein Vater abgeschossen worden and ist 4,5 Jahren wie Kriegsgefangener verbringen. Aber er liebt die deutsche Mench bis er sterbt. Miteinander gehen wir WW !! (Ich bin Engländer im Griechenland.)

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Wow!!! Patriots worldwide just amaze me. What an incredibly inspiring post Europeananon! Thank you fellow patriot! America is divided by those who absolutely love of our POTUS and by those who absolutely hate our POTUS. It amazes me how loved and respected POTUS is all across this earth yet he is despised by many people in his own Country, the Country he loves so much. America is truly blessed to have President Trump. God is using POTUS to save America and purge evil but this isn't the great awakening of America this is the great awakening of planet earth! Evil will be purged worldwide. Strangleholds will be broken, earth will be freed. I pray for Europe as I do every nation on earth. God bless you patriot!!! WWG1WGA!!

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English anon here, whom absolutely adores and is in awe of your President, i pray daily for him and his family and wish we had a leader as glorious as Trump! Ive never felt this way about any other leader ever! He's something very special, thats for sure.

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Tennessee anon here. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our POTUS! I cannot imagine where we would be if HRC had won. Thank God that America made the right decision. Regardless of what you see on the MSM, we are mostly patriots here, who believe in God and country.

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They hate because they are ignorant and victimized. I’ve been red pilling en masse. Most mean well. The number of die hard no go zombies is far fewer than you may think. Find the proper angle and be patient. Use love. Love contradicts everything they have been conditioned to believe.

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Amen and Amen...................................................now.......................................get a moment to dance while singing the Fanny Crosby hymn........''To God be the Glory'.........that will clear out all 'spooks' ...................they hate joy and good rejoicing.............a bit like the demonrats..............run from joy 'n praise : )))

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Sorry to be completely selfish here, but it angers me so much to see people who have immigrated to America and then shit on the place when there's so many people (namely me and my family) who would give anything to live in the greatest country in the world, who would love and respect its laws and its citizens. Today I read Bernie Sanders has hired Belén Sisa an illegal immigrant from Argentina to be his spokesperson, she believes America has a white supremacist agenda ...

What is it with these people who get the greatest of opportunities and spit on the place that offers them so much? I can't understand it. I am not American, but I try to imagine a world without America and its nothing but a horror story. I don't look at America through the actions its Presidents and what its political elite have done. I look at America, the experiment, the founding fathers who wanted to create a nation by its people, for its people. What a concept. What it became as the rest of the world looked on in awe.

I believe sincerely those days are returning to America. Where the world can have peace again through Americas strength, and share in the benefits America creates through its innovation and never say it can't be done attitude. I wish I could be a part of it. That's the scary thing about America, with a President like President Trump, as crazy as it might appear to all, if there is one nation who could pull this off and free the world from an ancient and evil cabal, its America. That gives me so much hope.

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America’s greatness was a blessing from God because our Founders recognized from Whom freedom comes. “....one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. America will be great again with God’s help. We just need to make sure we don’t push Him back out of our lives again.

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Cheers. The Cabal has a light surrounding it and has nowhere to run. It’s time to end it for our age. The fight is never-ending and ageless - however we have the chance to define an end to a generations long reign.

Stand with us. We will stand with you.

For the children yet born!!!!!

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VERY well said Anon

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My prayer for you over there also.

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I am so thankful each and every day. We are SO incredibly blessed. Stay hopeful fellow patriot and remember, this is World Wide and there is a PLAN. All will fall into place. May God Bless and Deliver us. May God Bless and protect our president, all who he loves, and all patriots helping the plan to unfold! What a time to be alive.

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May God bless you fellow Americans.

May God bless you Citizens Of The World.

Greetings from Poland.


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and also from your neighbour : ))

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