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Wow you're good! Spot on.

Gives me chills reading your words.

Q 2856 was the first time Q used the exact phrase "YOU ARE THE NEWS NOW"

Q 2857 Q thanks everybody as you have in your closing post.

I read from 8ch Research thread, a Patriot decoded this thanking as the phase is over. So Q thanks everybody because phase has been completed.

Makes total sense.

Looks like Q has taken out their 4am talking points. Time to wait for future prove past and see how the fake media operates from now and into the future.

This is huge. Makes total sense, think it over. Barr is in. Muller to submit findings. Start Treason. No 4am narrative to coordinate their fake news. BOOM!

Thanks Patriot for your share!


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Love your points.

Agree that Q thanking everyone is NOT a signal that the phase is over. Just evidence that Q is real and appreciates the Q Army.

All your other points, I fully resonate with. Great comment! Thank you.


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Very good thread but something important is missing. Post 1786 8/1/18 12:07:04 "Handle with Care when you are mainstream". 3 Posts later 1789 8/1/18 13:54:07 Mainstream = when you are now the news / Maintstream = when a WH pool reporter asks about you / Mainstream = when coordinated attacks (waves) against you continue to occur. END POST

The coordinated attacks started the last days. I think the Q-Question is imminent. As soon the Q-Question comes, it's D-Day in my opinion. It's good to be prepared for D-Day, that's why Q is telling us since Feb 11: "You are the news now". The Q-Question is D-Day.


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Nice great points.

Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the Q drop references. That Mainstream = when a WH pool reporter asks about you, is a very good concept. At least I have a gauge of what to look for.

Thanks kindly for the share Patriot!


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Amen. Gird for battle. Pray.


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Well written. I think this 'deployment' of followers also coincides with the increased frequency of simpler drops referring to tweets and news articles, which appears to be the start of a series of directed mobilizations to spread a different narrative from the MSM.


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You mean by having us go to the said link? By the millions in order to create awareness?


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True, it's in our hands. Great post, thanks.


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A few years after 9-11, when the truther videos started appearing, some truthers began theorizing that the "bad guys" were the ones putting out some of the more revealing videos exposing the plot. The idea being that folks just weren't getting it, so the perps had to bring the sheep up to speed, so the full psychic effect of the FF could be realized.

Maybe there was some truth to that theory on some level, IDK. I did however for some reason remember that theory when I was reading this post.

BTW, great job on it OP.

I'm not saying this OP is an insider bringing anons up to speed. But, it kinda makes you think.


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Future will now prove past beyond a shadow of a doubt! The proofs will become so clear that no talking head or MSM outlet will be able to deny us! ThanQ! Thanks, Patriots! Thanks, Anons! Forward March!!!


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Thanks for this OP. Explains a lot and makes total sense.


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Now THAT'S a fucking OP.


Honestly, I'm just gonna have to just read that over a few times and chill-the-fuck out. I'll be back later after I get all the tears out of my eyes.

"This is not the end. It isn't even the beginning of the end. But it may be the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill.


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Thanks patriot. After posting, I wanted to add:

EDIT: This is NOT to say it's over by any means. This is simply to say, the tide is turning, or has turned, if we choose to unite with Q and engage.

But the character limit kicked in, and I left it out. It was unnecessary anyway, perhaps. Still, I resonate with the sentiment you expressed here. ("This is not the end...")

Blessings, and courage, Patriot.

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