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I believe 95% of the entire hollywood cast are comped. They had to get comped in order to get fame they so desired. Selling their souls for fame and fortune. Only problem now is that they are losing their base. People are waking up to the facts mentioned. People are also waking up to the fact that hollywood is in chinese control. Thank feistein,reid,and other judas iscariats who rigged elections in their favor for this. The practice of child sacrifice or other, should be penalized by death within 7days of final judgement. We have no place in our society for these acts of horror on OUR OWN PEOPLE. This cannot be justified in any way,shape, or form. I understand mind control plays a very big part of masking/debunking these insidious acts.

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This is almost exactly what Hollywood Anon said. Grammys are tonight. To see who it is we are supposed to be looking for black man in green socks.

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ELI5 or link to what Hollywood Anon said? Thanks!

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Forgot about him. Just as Q said it was time to return publicly. Could be another proof if HAnon shows up in the green socks.

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I believe he has already been murdered.

Would love to be wrong about that.

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this ^ all are comped otherwise they are not allowed into the club.

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"Just take child abduction - his policy - congress has the enteral memos - That ALONE - forget emmouluments obstruction conspiracy What he has done to human seeking asylum and legal immigration is not “ policy “ It’s a felony - Enough bullshit - dem house - do you duty" John Cusack

Incoherent, misspelled babble-shit from a closet-case drug addict.

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"Marching into the Darkness" - John Legend - Hollywood elites literally sold their souls to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. Q Post #1276

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The elites all worship Moloch.

"The ancients would heat this idol up with fire until it was glowing, then they would take their newborn babies, place them on the arms of the idol, and watch them burn to death"


Bohemian Grove




Hilary Clinton's email "With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the

backyard to Moloch . . .


A scene from pedophile Kevin Spacey's show House of Cards


Q called out Cusack.

"Freedom of the press. John Barlow/Snowden/assange/John Cusack/Daniel Ellsberg/Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras

Snowden/Cusack. Things that can and cannot be said"


Cusack hung out with Edward Snowden, someone Q called out multiple times as Deep State.


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Interesting that the Bohemian Grove scene from House of Cards talks about Elysium. Isn't the "Art of Elysium" associated with John Legend/Hillary Clinton/that other weird pedo guy whose name I can't remember?

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Nobody in bohemian grove talks about elysium. Using fiction to slander groups is of questionable worth. Imagine if someone made a qanon movie and then started accusing us of the fictional offenses.

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What is with John Cusack? Why is this hack of an actor so important? He was hanging out with a wanted Edward Snowden even! WTF

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Hunter S Thompson, Johnny Depp & John Cusack. Hunting children at Thompson’s property in Colorado. No telling what else they were doing. Thank God Thompson is dead. Waiting on the other 2 to follow their ‘leader’

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Cusack was pals with Hunter S. Thompson - pedo & maker of snuff films. Thompson died in 2005 by suicide at the age of 67. In accordance with his wishes, his ashes were fired out of a cannon at a $3 million funeral paid for by “close pal” Johnny Depp - and attended by 280 people, including:

  • U.S. Senators John Kerry and George McGovern
  • 60 Minutes correspondents Ed Bradley and Charlie Rose
  • Jack Nicholson
  • John Cusack
  • Bill Murray
  • Benicio del Toro
  • Sean Penn
  • Lyle Lovett
  • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • David Amram (musician)
  • Sean Penn
  • Josh Hartnett
  • Jann Weiner (publisher of Rolling Stone)
  • Locals like Bob Braudis, the sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado
  • Sure wish they published the rest of the private ceremony's guest list

While living, Thompson was fawned over by late-night TV talk show hosts like David Letterman.

It is going to be so very gratifying to see these evil creatures go down...into the pits of hell.

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Well after a quick search, he has never been married and has no kids. Hmm. Sounds like any other sketchy celebs we know?

I also found this... (on shitty wiki)

His mother, Ann Paula "Nancy" (née Carolan), is a former mathematics teacher and political activist.

Political activist, bingo. Let's go dig!!

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Cusack is mentioned in Q post 770. He's linked to Clinton and Haiti.

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Ahh thanks for the crumb anon.

But I still want to know WHY?

He's not an important celebrity or even what I would call "A list". Why is he so connected and high profile? When was the last time he even put out a decent movie?

Is he married? What's his wife do? What was John doing before Hollywood?

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Anons don't forget. Today is when Hollywood renegade anon is supposed to be at the Grammy wearing bright green socks.

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Holy shit that's tonight?!

Yes I remember this. Should start a thread refreshing everyone and making sure people are on the look out.

Who were the top guesses? Eddie Murphy I remember being in the mix

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UNPLUG TV FROM WALL, Do your part, BOYCOTT, grammy satanic fest. Just like super bowl SUPERB OWL molock fest. There are millions of us, No ratings = the end.

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Agree with a poster below, Cusak is a C_A clown, how else can you describe the longevity of a man's career who looks like he has Bell's Palsy? They are flooding social media with words like pizza parties, and other words we've identified so people will think it's bullshit. Heard the Bahama Ho Rhianna in an interview laughing that because she puts a hand over her eye people are saying she's in the Illuminati. Why would she say that? Considering her target audience are Beyonce leftovers with no clue.

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I’d even say many “artists” are completely unaware of what they’re participating in. Not saying they’re innocent...but I highly doubt they have a 40,000 ft view of anything. They’re in it for money and fame...most.

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His sister looks like a downs baby.

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You know your cover's blown, when all top Twitter comments are negative. Being that Twitter is fixed!

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Wow. John Cusack seems addicted to attacking Trump on twitter. Wonder what he's afraid of coming to light?

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John Cusack and family got their start in Illinois (Evanston) community theater likely connected to Northwestern University. His father was the Director and a liberal icon on the North Shore. John and his sister (Susie I think) -who made it to Broadway - were likely abused growing up a la the Jackson Five. When I think back to the relative "innocence" of the average liberal in that state (at that time) I realize the Cusack family hid their crimes well. So yes, their history dovetails with that of C_A assets. What is ironic is that the Cusack kids were very good , serious actors at that stage of their careers. Very sad. Daddy must have been demonic. No excuses though. Evil must be destroyed. Completely.

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