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To all the idiots trying to “name the Jew.” Yes the Bolsheviks were Jews. So was King David who wrote the Psalms. Yes the Pharisees were Jews. So was Jesus the Son of God. We live in a world where Jews are both the superheroes and supervillains. It’s just how God happened to plan things, deal with it!

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Superheroes??? hahahaha you fucking kikes are funny. You cant even exist outside of white nations without welfare. Jews are satan. Almost everything evil has a group of jews behind it. TRIED & TRUE


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Do you deny Jesus came in the flesh as a Jewish man? Then YOU are the Satan and I rebuke you in JESUS name.

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You cant even exist outside of white nations without welfare.

They can't even exist in their own chosen land without being completely 100% dependent on welfare.

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Are you sure you're not a nigger? Because what you just said is fucking retarded.

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Anyone having the "who are the real superheroes?" conversation is not to be taken seriously.

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These nazifags will never get over it.

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good point, there are good and bad in every nationality and religion.

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God is in control and his word gives much peace. Seems to be the only place for good news.

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Mark Taylor is encouraging - but then again his words are from God. and his prophecies are coming to past. patience and prayer needed.

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Yes, the Mark Taylor prophecies are being fulfilled. Listen to Amanda Grace word from the Lord. It is very powerful and timely. Truth and justice! https://youtu.be/ReG4iwa2rcM

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Me too. I have been reading Psalm 37 weekly if not daily and to me, it signals that the DEEP STATE IS FINISHED SOON! Glory To GOD! HalleluYAH!

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It's much more than the Deep State. Look who is behind the deep State. Look who has been behind all rebellion of God. It's Satan and the realm of evil that will go down as it is foretold in John's Revelation. We can only fight his soldiers he has set up. God will finish the fight forever soon.

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Thank you for your comment. Respectfully, some of what you just said is inaccurate.

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For me it's John 3:3-41

I woke up at 3:41am

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Did you mean ch 4? Ch 3 doesn’t have 41 verses.

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I think he means he woke up at 3:41am to go to the john.

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You're right, meant 4

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In the Bible, the word translated as “resurrection” comes from the Greek a·naʹsta·sis, which means “raising up” or “standing up again.” A person who is resurrected is raised up from death and restored to life as the person he was before.​—1 Corinthians 15:12, 13.

Although the word “resurrection” is not in the Hebrew Scriptures, often called the Old Testament, the teaching appears there. Through the prophet Hosea, for example, God promised: “From the power of the Grave I will redeem them; from death I will recover them.”​—Hosea 13:14; Job 14:13-​15; Isaiah 26:19; Daniel 12:​2, 13.

Where will people be resurrected? Some people are resurrected to life in heaven to rule as kings with Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:1; Revelation 5:​9, 10) The Bible calls this “the first resurrection” and “the earlier resurrection,” both expressions implying that there is another resurrection to follow. (Revelation 20:6; Philippians 3:​11) This later resurrection will be to life on earth, which the vast majority of those brought back to life will enjoy.​—Psalm 37:29.

How are people resurrected? God grants Jesus the power to raise the dead. (John 11:25) Jesus will restore “all those in the memorial tombs” to life, each one with his unique identity, personality, and memories. (John 5:​28, 29) Those resurrected to heaven receive a spirit body, while those resurrected to life on earth receive a healthy physical body, completely sound.​—Isaiah 33:24; 35:​5, 6; 1 Corinthians 15:42-​44, 50.

Who will be resurrected? The Bible says that “there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Acts 24:15) The righteous include faithful people, such as Noah, Sarah, and Abraham. (Genesis 6:9; Hebrews 11:11; James 2:​21) The unrighteous include those who failed to meet God’s standards but did not have the opportunity to learn and follow them.

However, those who become so wicked that they are beyond reform will not be resurrected. When such ones die, they suffer permanent destruction with no hope of a return to life.​—Matthew 23:33; Hebrews 10:26, 27.

When will the resurrection take place? The Bible foretold that the resurrection to heaven would take place during Christ’s presence, which began in 1914. (1 Corinthians 15:21-​23) The resurrection to life on earth will occur during the Thousand Year Reign of Jesus Christ, when the earth will be transformed into a paradise.​—Luke 23:43; Revelation 20:​6, 12, 13.

Why is belief in the resurrection reasonable? The Bible provides detailed accounts of nine resurrections, each confirmed by eyewitnesses. (1 Kings 17:17-​24; 2 Kings 4:​32-​37; 13:20, 21; Luke 7:​11-​17; 8:​40-​56; John 11:38-​44; Acts 9:​36-​42; Acts 20:​7-​12; 1 Corinthians 15:​3-6) Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus is especially noteworthy, since Lazarus had been dead for four days and Jesus performed the miracle before a crowd of people. (John 11:39, 42) Even those who opposed Jesus could not deny the facts of the matter, so instead they plotted to kill both Jesus and Lazarus.​—John 11:47, 53; 12:​9-​11.

Three resurrections as recorded in the Bible: a widow’s child, a Christian woman, and Jesus’ friend Lazarus The Bible shows that God has both the ability and the desire to bring back the dead. He keeps in his limitless memory a detailed record of each person he will resurrect by means of his almighty power. (Job 37:23; Matthew 10:30; Luke 20:37, 38) God is able to restore the dead to life, and he wants to! Describing the coming resurrection, the Bible says of God: “You will long for the work of your hands.”​—Job 14:15.

Misconceptions about the resurrection Myth: The resurrection is a reuniting of the soul with the body.

Fact: The Bible teaches that the soul is the entire person, not some part that survives death. (Genesis 2:7, footnote; Ezekiel 18:4) A person who is resurrected is not reunited with his soul; he is recreated as a living soul.

Myth: Some people are resurrected and then immediately destroyed.

Fact: The Bible says that “those who practiced vile things” will receive “a resurrection of judgment.” (John 5:​29) However, this judgment is based on what they do after they are resurrected, not before. Jesus said: “The dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who have paid attention will live.” (John 5:​25) Those who ‘pay attention’ to, or obey, the things they learn after they are resurrected will have their names recorded in “the scroll of life.”​—Revelation 20:12, 13.

Myth: When resurrected, a person receives exactly the same body that he had before he died.

Fact: After death, a person’s body would likely have broken down and disintegrated.—Ecclesiastes 3:​19, 20.

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All white men and women need too dig deep into their spiritual power within. God created all of us and we have powers within us that we only need tap. The Jews on the Earth today are the Synagogue of Satan that Jesus Christ warned us about. But before our people knew of Christianity and the Holy Spirit we got in small wooden boats and paddled out into the icy oceans and conquered almost all of Europe. Our Viking ancestors had Holy Spirit in them they used it when they went into battle. They just called it a different name there is only one God that has been the one God for all time and the power that God has given humanity can be tapped by all of us. It is the Jews that have been front and center at erasing our spiritual memories. Aryans find a nice calm place in the forest or anywhere you feel at peace and go inside yourself find the power that we were gifted. We must break the satanic Jewish spell that has kept us spiritually weak and blind to the evil in front of our eyes. Calm yourself and listen, listen to the quietness inside you. There you can find many answers.

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God placed your defenses deep inside of you.

DNA is what you possess, Genesis 3 tells the tale.

Remember the curse God placed on Lucifer's seed?

Ya, it's coming into play now.

I'm that player.


Spread the gospel, let the faithful rejoice.

He's back.

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Hello brother viking descendant from Rollo here (descendant of normandy noble stock). Do not be deceived brother ! The Jewish religion is now defunct after Christs death, but there hardening was for our benefit see what they did with Judaism they made it a members only club contrary to what God wanted ! A "hardening in part has come to Israel, until the full number of the Gentiles has come in" Read: Romans 11 also note while reading that Paul is talking about spiritual Israel or the faithful remnant not national Isreal or even just Hebrews but the faithful remnant of all nations and people.

I have felt the spiritual power but it entered me did not come from inside !

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Very applicable verse.

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Remember LORD means YHWH

H3068 Original: יהוה

Transliteration: yehôvâh

Phonetic: yeh-ho-vaw'

BDB Definition: Jehovah = " the existing One"

the proper name of the one true God unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of H136 Origin: from H1961

TWOT entry: 484a

Part(s) of speech: Proper Name

Strong's Definition: From H1961; (the) self Existent or eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: - Jehovah, the Lord. Compare H3050, H3069.

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Yes and the Jews had Gods name removed from most of the translations we see today . And I say Jews not because I’m racist it’s because it’s true .

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Jews did do this the Catholics perfected it

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It has been removed from their bible but they still pronounce it to this day, but they can say it out loud only in a holy place (like a sinagogue). And as stupid as it sound they can record it and play it everywhere they want...go figure.

Go on Wikipedia on that link under YHWH and click on the recording, hurry because they will remove that link pretty soon:


Every Jews says that Yahweh is a bad pronunciation.

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Never happened.

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Who told you this? Google?

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Strongs concordance

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Cabal teachings.

This path leads to the FIRE.

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Read your bible, the king james version. Look up H3068 on the internet.

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